Stolen Kosovo: Documentary

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Václav Dvořák
August 20, 2010


Stolen Kosovo: Documentary
by grtv

State-owned Ceska Televize co-produced Vaclav Dvorak’s Stolen Kosovo prior to the Czech Government’s recognition of the mafia state on Serbian territory, and then banned it after that recognition.

According to the Czech daily Aktualne, representatives of Czech TV justified their refusal to show the one-hour documentary about the suffering of the Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija province by claiming the documentary is “unbalanced” and marked with “pro-Serbian bias”, and so “the tone of the documentary could cause negative emotions”. To which Dvorak responded that the same could be said for “Holocaust documentaries, where the Nazi Germany ’side’ and ‘views’ were also appropriately ignored”.

The makers of Stolen Kosovo said that while the Serbian television archives were used in some segments of the film, not a penny was received from Serbia or from Serbs in the making of the documentary. At the same time, they have challenged the censors to point to a single statement, image or a segment that is incorrect or false, with no response.

The film which was first scheduled to be shown on March 17, 2008 — the anniversary of the latest pogrom against Kosovo-Metohija Serbs in 2004 — and than delayed until April, but has still not been aired. The Czech Government recognized Kosovo as a State May 21.

The documentarians therefore released their film on YouTube.

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:


2010 / 09 / 05
Anonymous says:

Unfortunately the rest of the videos have been erased
youtube is showing the real fece of new world order

2010 / 09 / 26
Laurent says:

Just watched part 1 of Stolen Kosovo and I wanted to watch the other segments on You Tube. But when clicking on the link we are on You Tube with the announcement that the video has been deleted! Any other way to see the docu? Thanks.

2010 / 10 / 21
Cruz says:

Just look for it on youtube, there are several playlists with the documentary.

2011 / 03 / 20
Paul Stein says:

Illuminating. US and NATO et al are guilty of war crimes.

2011 / 10 / 03
John says:

This are all fake propaganda. Serbs have centuries doing ethnic cleansing over Albanian populations which are known for their hospitality and courage to defend their country. The borders of Kosovo are not the only Albanian land in Serbia. But the EU and USA did made a deal with the Serbian government which was still unfair to the Albanian not only in Kosovo. Despite that, the Serbian did not follow with the agreement, therefore NATO could allow Serbs educated by Milosevic to kill and persecute any other ethnic groups in living in the area.

2011 / 10 / 03
John says:

A bit of history, after the word wore II, the European nation were defining the Balkans borders. Albanian were trying to rebuild their nation devastated. A newly patriotic government were created but was accepted by Europeans as they had good relations with Greeks and Slavs. So they forced a non Albanian government to Govern Albania?! on the same time Serb army marched on Kosovo and forcefully took Kosovo and area, while Greeks armies took south Albania. Europeans powers made deals with these countries without asking Albania. Resulting in Albania divided in 5 partitions. Only a small part remained as today called Albania with still limited self governing. Other parts given to Montenegro, Serbia (including Kosovo), Macedonia, Greece.

2011 / 10 / 04
John says:

Later on those partitions separated were under continues ethnic cleansing. Resulting in most of Albanians migrating to other countries. However in Kosovo there were too large a population to force out and there were many organized defending activist who kept Kosovo Albanians surviving and strong enough to fight for independence. Serbs leaded under Milosevic started an massive killing against all the other ethnic non-Serb groups part of Yugoslavia, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo. Kosovo was the only Autonomous province without their on army. Imaging a country with only 5% Serb running the province of 90% Albanian?! The local population was not allow to from army, or be part of police force or government or any important power official whatsoever. While the prisons were full of Albanian people tortured for asking freedom or even better economic conditions. After Milosevic ordered Serb armies to start forcing Albanian massively to leave their homes, killing thousands in the process, Albanian created their Kosovo Liberation Army and also called for International support. NATO and USA could allow these to happen and intervene by first brought the both parties to agree to same resolution which still leaves part of Albania under Serbia anyway. Since, Albanian always wanting a peaceful resolution they accepted the resolution. Serb (always spoiled by Europeans) denied the resolution. So, NATO asked Albanian to disarm and surrender to them which they did. Europeans main countries had old ties with the Serbs who have always bribed time and again several politicians of other countries part of EU so they were delaying the promised support while Albanians were being killed, so USA took the lead and bombed Serbs until they stop the killing process of Albanians.

2011 / 10 / 04
John says:

Today Albanians minorities under Serbia and under Macedonia have to continue their peaceful fight to gain the rights which are always taken away by Serbs government respectively (Macedonia is also multi ethnic country but mostly by Serbs and Albanian). Nowadays they are asking Serbs to provide with same rights that the Serbs minority has under Kosovo government. The fact is that the north part of Kosovo has resources that Serbs want to take under their government so they are using as hostage their own people living withing the Kosovo border. Organized illegal and criminal activities which can not be left alone by Kosovo government (helped by International community also).

2011 / 10 / 04
for John says:

Please do not spread fake history and make people stupid!!! When Serbs had kingdom on Kosovo and Metohija in 9,10,11 centory Albanians did not exist at all in Europe! All monestries and churches on Kosovo (named by bird Kos) and Metohija (named by land of serbian orthodox monestries) are Serbian Orthodox.Some of them are from 9-11 centoryes protected by UNESKO.Albanian extremist ruin lots of them! Albanian caming in Europe first time in 12 centory under ruling of Bisant as solders.After Bisanta lost war they left them in mountan in today called Albania.Serbian king alove them to stay there.When Osman Empire ocupade Serbian kingdom,betle was on Kosovo 1389,Albanians convrte to Islam and started coming on Kosovo and Metohija.But still major population was Serbian till 2 WW.During 2 WW Albanian was in Naci army.Most famous Albanian NACI force was SS WAFFE Skenderbeg,which done massive killing of Serban,Jow and Gipses.Albanian Naci done GENOCIDE on Kosovo and Metohija during 2 WW.Serbian peoplefrom Kosovo and Metohij, who survived 2WW was anable to back by ruling Comunist goverment in former Yugoslavia.Also,I remember as child waching on TV,during '80 that lot of Albanians refuge came from Albania to our contry,most of them stayed on Kosovo and Metohija.They had scools and University on their language.They had all rights as minorities which Serbian people didn't have in Albania.On Kosovo and Metohija (albanians called Metohija under Kosovo which is not) all cultural and historical past belonge to Serbian people.Even Serbian Dositej Obradovic bring Albanians alfabet in 19 centory.Albanians do not have nothing aksept stolen Serbian hostory on Kosovo and Metohija!

2011 / 10 / 04
for John says:

Also,Kosovo and Metohija are rich by natural minerals who are rear in Europe (uranium).Soros is now ovener of that mines on Kosovo and Metohija.That is reason why is USA and other western contries suport Albanians to separate from Serbia.They got that almost for free from Albenians.During the war on Kosovo and Metohija,Albanians took human organs from Serbian people and sale it. Albanians doing massive trafiking by human organs,people,drug. It is big issue in Europe becouse Albanian goverment on Kosovo and Metohija is big part of criminal activities by trafiking and saleing.
All this informations everyone can finde on internet if want to know.
Dear John,have nice day and enjoy in your lies.Do not forget that is information today going faster than light. :))

2012 / 09 / 13
Dear John... says:

All the things you sad is so untrue... But i still feel sorry for you...Because you live in ingnorance. I wish you to never experience what my people and I survived in past 20 years... And the horrors that have happened before will not mention... It just you would not be able to understand. You are too poisoned with false info.

2012 / 11 / 01
for John says:

"..I wish you to never experience what my people and I survived in past 20 years..." In the past 20 years....hey the guy was talking from what Albanians did to Serbs from WWI, WWII and after. One day US will go away, and what will happen than? Albanians kill Serbs and sell their organs everyday.. this is fact in the last 20 yrs of suffering! Shame on you!

2014 / 01 / 18
namcor says:

Albanians only know how to say "All Serbs say is a lie!". Whiteout any argument. You say that you're always in the Balkans. All cultures left their traces. How is it that in the Balkans NOWHERE are no archaeological findings that point to the Albanians? In contrast, the Serbian finds a lot ...Long before the official theories on migration in the 6th century. We Serbs have a saying: Stolen - damn. A curse to your already hit: radioactive ammunition of your "friends" of Americans already crumbling your health and the health of your offspring. It will not take the time to go ... and Serbs will return to where their ancestral cradle. Do not ever forget that.

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