EU Authoritarianism: Exposing the Eurocrats

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James Corbett
September 19, 2010


EU Authoritarianism: Exposing the Eurocrats
by grtv


Kupchan's Op-ed in the Washington Post

The Washington Post is Owned by a Bilderberger

The CIA Hearts the Washington Post

Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich

Background info on Bilderberg co-founder and ex-SS officer Prince Bernhard

BBC Radio 4 Covers Bilderberg Foundations of European Union

Dutch and French deal death blow to EU constitution

The Lisbon Treaty IS the EU Constitution (side by side comparison)

Irish Reject Lisbon; Eurocrats Immediately Call for a Do-over

The EU/Irish Gov Lisbon Pimping Campaign Was Illegal

MEPs walk out on Klaus speech about intolerance of European Parliament

Van Rompuy was wined and dined by Bilderberg before being selected

Farage Exposes the Eurocrats

Brzezinski Fears a Political Awakening

Bob Chapman on The Corbett Report


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