Sweet Crude: The Oil War in the Niger Delta

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Sandy Cioffi
September 30, 2010


Sweet Crude: The Oil War in the Niger Delta
by grtv

In the summer of 2008, militants from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) declared an "oil war" in Nigeria. This was one of the biggest spikes yet on a radar screen dotted with conflict and tragedy. "Sweet Crude" is the story of the Niger Delta; of the villagers of Oporoza, headquarters of the insurgency; and of members of the armed resistance who, in the three years since the filmmakers met them as college students, became the young men of MEND.

This is a preview of the powerful and moving documentary by Director Sandy Cioffi on the human spirit and resilience in the face of community and Earth destruction.

For more info, visit www.sweetcrudemovie.com


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