NATO Going Global: World's Largest Military Force Expanding

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November 29, 2010


NATO Going Global: World's Largest Military Force Expanding
by grtv

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) is the largest military force ever assembled, with a potential armed force of more than seven million.

Two decades after its original enemy, the Soviet Union, disintegrated, the alliance has been searching for a new identity and new role.

As it reinvents itself for the 21st century, Nato is also redefining its threat assessments and its area of operations.

Its philosophy is summed up in Article 5 of the treaty, all for one, and one for all. But does this 'Three Musketeers' approach work when there are 28 different or conflicting agendas?

Is this alliance anything more than a fig leaf for US foreign policy? And what sort of relationship can it strike with reinvigorated Russia?

Nato's new strategic concept unveiled in Lisbon underlines the global role of the alliance's new non-continental or non-geographic preoccupations such as cyber and space.

Is this the way to stay relevant in a complicated world? What does the future hold for Nato in Afghanistan and beyond?

Empire finds out.

Joining the programme: Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Nato secretary general; General Sir Michael Jackson, former commander, Nato Allied Corps; Oksana Antonenko, Russia & Eurasia director, IISS; Dr Gülnur Aybet, International Relations, Kent University; William Pfaff, author of The Irony Of Manifest Destiny; Professor Stephen M Walt, international affairs, Harvard University; Diana Johnstone, author of Fools Crusade; Dr Vlad Sobell, Daiwa Research Institute; Professor Alex Callinicos, author of Bonfire Of Illusions.


2010 / 12 / 01
Dean Jackson says:

The reason NATO is still around nearly twenty years after the 'collapse' of the USSR is because, as KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn warned the West, the 'collapse' of the USSR was a ruse. Very simple.

As Golitsyn said, there was no de-communization of the USSR in 1992, which means the communists are still in power controlling the government and major businesses.

2010 / 12 / 01
Robert.Johnsson says:

Mr. Marwan Bishara

Thank you for your effort in trying to exspose the NATO threat to the World.
I was amazed that you stayed so "Cool" when talking to these people.
And as for the Sec. Gen A.F.R, you actually caught him "Rambling".
He did NOT answer your questions about "Who and Where the threat comes from"
That info is a "SECRET" !!! the ELITE thinks is an Never-Ending-Nightmare.
NATO says: ....the people of this planet, have Nothing to worry about:
We, U.S.I / NATO / UK... "KNOWS" who the enemy are, but WE (U.S.I / NATO / UK) will not tell you!!!
a More Arrogant attitude is hard to come by...ehm apart from anything coming from the U.S.I. governmenrt of course.

I also would like to ask if you deliberatley (had to) "avoid" the obvious question;
Is NATO not just an arm of the U.S. Military?, (who is bent on Complete Global Dominance),
to be used in conquering lands /oil/gas and minerals from the poor in this world, disguised as a "War by Terror"?

Im sorry, but there is NO reason for this organization to exist today,
and IF the PEOPLE of the World had a vote, it would be closed down permanenly.


2015 / 08 / 10
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