From Palestine to Afghanistan: Fighting Occupation and Disinformation

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George Galloway
November 24, 2010


From Palestine to Afghanistan: Fighting Occupation and Disinformation
by grtv

Conference featuring former UK MP and human rights activist George Galloway, held in Montreal, Canada at the UQAM on November 17, 2010.

November 17 marks the inaugural stop on George Galloway's 10-city speaking tour of Canada (details Initially scheduled to tour Canada in March, 2009, Mr. Galloway's speaking tour was cancelled when the Harper government claimed he was a security risk and ineligible to enter Canada.

Forced to sue to clear his name, he was vindicated on September 27, when the Federal Court of Canada found that the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney, had engaged in improper and politically-motivated interference with Canada Border Services: “It is clear that the efforts to keep Mr. Galloway out of the country had more to do with antipathy to his political views than with any real concern that he had engaged in terrorism or was a member of a terrorist organization” ( - paragraph 8). The ruling cleared the way for Galloway to return to Canada.

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"Public Disclosure" is produced by François Caron and Randall Martin.


2011 / 01 / 20
Daryl says:

Why is there not some sort of legal penalty for this clown,
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney for filing a false "terrorist" claim? There should be some sort of criminal charge for falsely claiming such a serious charge merely for political purposes (even if it's just something like "Public Mischief), why is Prime Mobster Stephen Harper not also being criminally charged?

Why? Because the entire system is corrupt from the Alderman to the Prime Minister. The entire country's government (like the governments of ALL countries) are corrupt to the core and they always will be.

2015 / 08 / 16
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