This Economy's Winners and Losers

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Sen. Bernie Sanders
December 6, 2010


This Economy's Winners and Losers
by grtv

Vermont Senator Sanders describes how the US is becoming a "banana republic", including such topics as the increasing disparity between the upper and lower classes and the disappearance of the middle class, tax benefits for the upper echelons of American society, the dangers involved with the privatization of social services and the effects of the collapsing economy on all Americans. A warning against unchecked greed that should be heard by all.


2010 / 12 / 10
Kiflemariam Gebretsadik says:

Where have you been these number of years when the handful of people were accommulating the wealth of the world. When I was in Africa I was told America is a great country that has democracy. what is the meaning of democracy in the Western World? Cheating and stealing the people's money, creating wars in Africa as result Africa will be colonized forever, the perpetual cycle. The jungle life of Africa is more freedom than the Western World from my experience. Fabricating and lying stories are intellectual educated Westen society. Where is the education? At the university campus of the thieves. I am tired of these nonsense things. I am looking the old freedom of the jungle life that nobody will come there and give you problems.

2011 / 06 / 28
Floyd Bevins says:

Wow You catch on quick. The western world is a university of lies and the abode of a den of thieves.Millions of us working class folks know this.Very soon we will do something spactacular about it.

2015 / 08 / 20
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