4.5 Million Orphans in Iraq: Protests Over Food and Shelter

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February 22, 2011


4.5 Million Orphans in Iraq: Protests Over Food and Shelter
by grtv

Orphans join Iraq protests over food, shelter. Orphans join protests in Iraq to call for a better standard of living. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

BAGHDAD — Fadel Mohammad Ra'ad, 10, is one of thousands of children who have lost their parents to the endless violence that has been gripping Iraq since the 2003 US-led invasion.

"My parents were killed in an explosion at the center of Baghdad last year, leaving me and my sister to no one," the child told IslamOnline.net in a Baghdad orphanage. "I have relatives but all of them have refused to take us in," he added choking at the memory. "We were forced to work to survive."

Children, like many other civilians, are the silent victims of violence in war-torn Iraq. "Violence in Iraq has vast characteristics. Sectarian violence, resistance against US troops, traditional behaviors and the fight against the hungry," explains Haydar Hassan Kareem, a sociologist.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs estimate that around 4,5 million children are orphans. Nearly 70 percent of them lost their parents since the invasion and the ensuing violence. From the total number, around 600,000 children are living in the streets without a house or food to survive. Only 700 children are living in the 18 orphanages existing in the country, lacking their most essential needs.

"Unfortunately the budget allocated to projects that help street children and orphans is decreasing day in and day out," notes an Iraqi Red Crescent employee refusing to give his name. "Worse still, almost no NGO is dedicating itself to this group of kids who are subject to trafficking and sexual abuses in the streets."


2011 / 09 / 29
Kimberly Huey says:

I am looking for a trusted NGO in Iraq to donate small increments of money (30%) of paintings I am doing to raise money and awareness for Iraqi orphans. I have a few paintings on my facebook and have sold one, but plan on doing an opening show/ auction and making as much as possible. I have emailed a few NGO's but have not heard back from anyone.

2012 / 01 / 06
Zahraa Marhoon says:

@ Kimberly Huey, I dont know whether your question is answered or not but i know few organisations (ngo) that collect money for orphans in Iraq. One of them has been established by my sister with this facebook page: www.facebook.com/Iraqi.Orphans
Please let us know if your still interested, maybe we can work together.

2012 / 06 / 15
Dina says:

Dear Zahraa and Kimberly,

Please visit our Facebook group "Road to Heaven", which is dedicated to Iraqi Orphans. Also, please let us know how can we collaborate or help.


2012 / 07 / 26
Qamar says:

How can I help ? I want to help !!!

2012 / 12 / 20
amouria says:

Same question. I am searching for trusted ngo to donate for Iraqi orphanage. But so far, I could not find. I would love to know a trusted one.

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