CCTV: When Criminals Control the Cameras

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James Corbett
March 14, 2011


CCTV: When Criminals Control the Cameras
by grtv

Today CCTV cameras are ubiquitous, with Londoners estimated to be caught on camera 300 times a day. CCTV cameras in England are now being equipped with loud speakers so that “anti-social behaviour” can be rebuked in a child’s voice.

CCTV cameras are now routinely equipped with microphones and are admittedly used by law enforcement to listen in on conversations.

IBM, another company whose German branch actively collaborated with the Nazis in World War II, is developing behaviour-monitoring cameras tied to A.I. Computers that scan crowds for signs of “terrorist” behaviour.

Wal-Marts and other retailers across the US are showing televised messages from the head of Homeland Security urging Americans to spy on their fellow shoppers.

And now the federal government is announcing it is ready to test technology that has been quietly installed in the back door of every broadcaster in the U.S. allowing the President to interrupt all radio and TV broadcasts at any time.

In the 1940s, this was a nightmare vision of a totalitarian future. In 2011, it’s our mundane reality.

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