Pentagon Propaganda Sways US Opinion of Libya

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Keith Harmon Snow
March 8, 2011


Pentagon Propaganda Sways US Opinion of Libya
by grtv

The United States media has been portraying the conflict in Libya in different ways that has confused many and left people wondering what is really going on there.

War Correspondent Keith Harmon Snow says there is a psychological operation performed by the Pentagon to persuade the American people through propaganda one way or the other.


2011 / 03 / 14
eric nuemann says:

So true! The West needs Godaffi's oil and will do anything to accomplish their goal to capture all energy supplies worldwide!

2011 / 03 / 14
eric nuemann says:

Jesus Christ's second coming will straighten out all of this mess the world elite have taken on to supply their elite needs!

2011 / 03 / 19
Jeremiah OIiver says:

The wicked spirit of Imperialism lives on...this time in Lybia on the pretext of Gaddafi fighting the REBELS(we know its about oil)...not citizens, but REBELS. Name one country whose goverment sucessfully stopped all uprisings from vicious REBELS without any bloodshed? America...the instigating should lessen... haven't you learned from the Iraqi lesson?

2011 / 03 / 20
Jeremiah OIiver says:

They (THE WEST)cliam they must save Lybian citizens from bloodshed, right? Well, how many more Libyian citizens do you think will die from these Western airstrikes? Wake up people...

2011 / 03 / 23
Humphry Takang Bate says:

The time will certainly come some day when the WEST will have to answer to us. Who do they think they fooling? Definitely themselves and their nationals. Gaddafi, even if no one supports you, i know you have a dream for a strong Africa to stop the WEST from destroying us. The WEST claim they are respecting a UN resolution but yet no UN logos are used in the missions as well bringing in NATO. I expect more from the AU and Arab League not NATO or the WEST. If they cant use the UN, then AU or Arab league should control if civilians are to be protected. There is no country that will tolerate REBELS, but because of their greed, they are supporting the REBELS. Infact Col Gaddafi is right to call them thieves.

2015 / 02 / 28
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2015 / 05 / 23
jackman30 says:

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2015 / 06 / 22
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