From Yugoslavia to Libya: What Is Al Qaeda's Involvement?

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Michel Chossudovsky
March 25, 2011


From Yugoslavia to Libya: What Is Al Qaeda's Involvement?
by grtv

Twelve years ago NATO attacked former Yugoslavia under the guise of humanitarian aid. Now history is repeating itself in Libya.

Michel Chussodovsky from the Centre for Research on Globalization says the coalition forces in Libya may say humanitarianism is the goal, but the military has attacked schools, media, hospitals and historic sites.


2011 / 03 / 29
Patrik says:

What hospitals are bombed? Source?

2011 / 03 / 29
Mike corbeil says:

Short, but fine interview. I appreciate Michel's sort of neutral, non-absolitist "take" on the situation. He states his view without doing that in an absolutist sense; leaving uncertainty of how this criminal aggression by the US will turn out and this is good. None of us knows for sure how this situation will turn out. We can guess or theorize, which is stronger than only guessing, but theory is not proven fact. We don't yet know what the conclusion of this situation will be. If Washington decides or has decided that Gadaffi has to go,no matter what, then it's likely to be a very bad outcome and the US will again be leading criminal; not unusual, but definitely not welcome!.

2011 / 04 / 18
marija says:

Mr. Chossudovsky, I salute you!! You are 100% right.. I was in Serbia in 1999 when the Nato bombarded us, NOONE wanted NATO bombs!!!! not even the people who disliked Milosevic!!!! and now , 12 years after, the anger at the NATO is even stronger, that's why we so strongly support Libyan people who are curently under the NATO agression! They hit our hospitals, schools, bridges, they threw cluster bombs (which are cheap but unprecise) in the populated areas, a lot of civil 'casualties' , they threw bombs with depleted-uranium on us, so even now we get cancer more often than tonsilitis! There is no such thing as a 'humanitarian bombing'!!!!!!!! They destroyed our infrastracture and our biggest factories with their bombs, people didn't have where to work, we became very poor. and in Kosovo, the main aim of their mission, they set up the biggest army base in Europe, Kosov also has extremly rich mines.. Americans use it all, and in turn supports Kosovar's main industries - drug and arms dealing, human-trafficking and butchering and selling of the people's organs. the rethorics used in that NATO agression was ridicilous, they called the mission A MERCIFUL ANGEL!!! they have invested supstantial assets in building up the propaganda before the bombing, so the world would percieve Serbs as terrorists, evil, vile etc.. that's what they did in order to attack Libya now.. the actual Aim of the West was to divide the country, the same as in Libya.. in order to do that, they allied with the terrorist organisation from Kosovo, called KLA, trained and supported by Al Qaeda. CIA was helping Al Qaeda to train the OVK. Everyone in Serbia new that, but the world didn't. Couse the West has it's claws on all the possible media, they fabricate, orchestrate and direct the media game. They even bombed our National TV station (a lot of journalists died that day), the only TV in the world which showed the truth! They made a media black out for the Libyans as well , they call a regular Libyan army - 'a Gadaffi's army' , they call the Al Qaeda trained terrorists (fundamentalists and jihadists) - "innocente civilians, rebels, opposition, revolutionaries, democracy seekers" ... luckily we have internet now (which was too undeveloped in 1999) , and we can help spread at least some truth.. ooo yeah, and one more thing ' their democracy' doesn't work.. now all the assets are in hands of the few (American corporations, NOT EVEN SERBIAN, so the assets are in the US hands!!) , and people are poor!!! our infrastracture is destroyed, they indebted us with a huuuge foreign debt ( so the dependancy continues). Everyone hates NATO in Serbia, couse they are not savours, they are destroyers! and they put their pawn government, like in the other ex-yugoslavian countries as we hear that their final plan of all this circuis is to make some kind of Balkan Union, as a pandan to EU, the US 56th state on the crossroad of Asia, Africa and Europe!! Officialy they want for it to look like an economic union, with the puppet president who will reside over all Balkan Union. So basicaly, their plan was to destroy the Eastern-backed Yugoslavia, set up the US puppets presidents and then reunite those countries into one big Western-backed and western-used Union!!! i hope that Libya will not accept destiny like this! Horrible atrocities are happening there by the rebels and Nato and noone seems to care, we sent videos of crimes to the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN, UNICEF etc, but they didn't react, in fact they are trying to cover it up! becouse it's not Libyan people who pay their bills, they know who is paying their bills, who the boss is - (NATO!).. and the LYM is such a scam.. Serbian people preffer to call them Langley Mouth Movement rather than Libya Youth Movement! Anyway only the smart will understand..

2011 / 04 / 18
marija says:

see how the Al Qaeda rebels in Misuratah enpaled a little boy with the 2m long pin from his genitalia to his shoulder (and before that they killed all his family beocuse they are Gadaffi supporters) . Libyan army saved this boy..
type this in your search engine of youtube:

1. لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله ما هذا الطفل ؟؟؟ لماذا يفعل فيه ذلك

2012 / 10 / 20
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