Full-Scale NATO Ground Invasion of Libya is Imminent

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Andrew Gavin Marshall
July 14, 2011


Full-Scale NATO Ground Invasion of Libya is Imminent
by grtv

Andrew Gavin Marshall from the Centre for Research on Globalization says that a ground invasion is quite likely, and that the process is already underway.

"There have been certain Western ground forces in Libya since before the NATO bombardment," he said. "In early March the CIA, MI6 from Britain, special forces from both the UK and US were on the ground. And in April, France, Italy and the US agreed to send military advisers into Libya. And this drew a lot of parallels to Vietnam. First military advisers were sent, later the troops followed."

He added that according to some reports, "a full-scale ground invasion [by the West] is being discussed. It may even be launched within the next few weeks. Other military sources in the US said they are preparing for the ground.


2011 / 07 / 14
Mike Corbeil says:

Good interview.

2011 / 07 / 15
USAma Bin Laden says:

Britain and France would be very foolish to act as cannon fodder for an American invasion of Libya.

And make no mistake, it is the United Snakes of America that is pulling the strings behind this US war of aggression and NATO in general.

America is not only a predatory, aggressive empire. It is a cowardly one to the core, always hiding behind its Coalition of the Killing stooges.

2015 / 09 / 30
John says:

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