Operation Libya: Insurrection and Military Intervention

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Michel Chossudovsky
Bonnie Faulkner
July 7, 2011


Operation Libya: Insurrection and Military Intervention
by grtv

"Operation Libya: Insurrection and Military Intervention" with Michel Chossudovsky. US/NATO attempted coup d'etat in Libya; military attack part of the long war; weaponry; media disinformation; who are the rebels; real objective of the attack; oil; state of the economy in Libya; Egyptian and Libyan situations contrasted; Egyptian opposition leadership co-opted by foreign interests; the purpose of regime replacement.

Encore presentation from March 2011.

"Guns and Butter" broadcasts on KPFA

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2011 / 07 / 10
Mike Corbeil says:

Very good and, due to length, generous interview!

2011 / 07 / 11
Den of the Chaldes says:

Libya, and Muammar Gaddafi’s only crime was that he had threatened to start his own banking system and currency, the “gold backed” African Dinar. Then he was going to require that all of his oil exports be paid for in these new, “gold backed” African Dinars. Since all oil is now sold only in US Dollars. This would have seriously eroded the US Dollar as the world reserve currency and likely would have caused other oil producing countries to follow suit. That is why the Libyan Citizens, those that NATO are euphemistically “protecting” with NATO airstrikes, are actually being killed with Depleted Uranium munitions rained down upon them by US military and NATO forces (AKA. The “Evil Empire”).

This illegal war has nothing to do with Libyan citizens, but only to protect the US Dollar, Bankers and Oil supplies to France. It also sends a clear cautionary message to other oil producing countries who may wish change how they charge for their oil exports.

The use of Depleted Uranium munitions and attendant nuclear contamination of Libya will ensure the future decline of the Libyan population through birth defects and cancer. A very strange way to “protect” the Libyan civilian population, unless we have somehow changed the definition of “Protect.” It might be wise for Americans, Europeans and others to consider this new definition of “Protect” when the US military and/or NATO forces say that they are on their way to “protect” you.

2011 / 07 / 12
Andre' E. Williams says:

Once again, Professor Chossudovsky has given an insightful interveiw. However, analysis has its limits. What can we do to stop these so-called humanitarian interventions? This orchestrated chaos will eventually blunder the world into World War III. If the U.S. and NATO feel threatened by the BRIC nations and others, deciding to drop the dollar and set up and more stable currency, will they attack Brazil, Russia, India and China. The scenario is really scarey. Todays events are the seeds of the cause of the global war of tomorrow.

2011 / 07 / 16
Andre' E Williams says:

Hello, Professor Chossudovsky,
Your insight on Libya as well as other global issues are accurate and insightful as usual. Have you visited the website,
www.federaljack.com. There is an interview with former CIA asset Susan Lindauer and posted videos of the war crimes that you and others have spoken on that are being carried out by the National Libyan Fighters Group. You should have your colleagues visit the site. It is important that all who are concern about the atrocities in Libya and over the world get the truth out.

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