Radiation Coverups Confirmed: America, Fukushima, TSA

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James Corbett
July 4, 2011


Radiation Coverups Confirmed: America, Fukushima, TSA
by grtv

A series of disasters, potential disasters, bad news and worrying studies over the course of the past week have brought public attention back to the issue of radiation and its attendant health risks, and further exposed how governmental agencies that are supposed to protect the public have in fact knowingly put the public at risk and even colluded with the very industries they are supposed to be "regulating."



2011 / 07 / 05

Nuclear fission technology is not just insane, but it is inherent-lie EVIL! Let me emphasize and reiterate the word EVIL!. Infact... nuclear fission technology and its commercial cousins in business, science and health is so evil, that even Satan would have second thoughts.

Needless to say, a dirty death-technology that is inherent-lie EVIL could only be promoted and defended by mendacious $ociopaths and psychopaths with a misanthropic mindset.

2011 / 07 / 05
Travis Gott says:

Whats wrong, cause problems and threaten masses of people and pillaging Indian villages while continuing to threaten the Africans, and you say EVIL! The libyans were a very good setup and the so-called technology is a needed technology and a very necessary EVIL for those issues. Very slow, and slower than a Rats ass, if you ask my opinion, because they do not know why they are like that!!

2011 / 07 / 07
Mike Corbeil says:

Very interesting, especially the part about the NIST and use of the AIT machines.

2011 / 07 / 07
Mike Corbeil says:

Travis Gott should be clear about what he means, because his post definitely is not easy to understand. One evil does not justify another evil; just like voting for the lesser of two evils leads to no good and only leads to more evil.

2011 / 09 / 07
Rohit Kumar says:

This is the time to think about the future of Nuclera energy
can we comprise with our rising needs of the energy or this is the end of the nuclear energy .

With compremiisng our rising needs we can erdicate our next gen from the drawback of the incidents like Fukushima nuclear incident.

2011 / 09 / 22
Michael says:

The weather is getting bad.. the radiation is getting worst ...... use jojoba oil to solve this problem!

2011 / 12 / 15
DGSE says:

Just Brutal!

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