9/11: The Myth and The Reality

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David Ray Griffin
August 28, 2011


9/11: The Myth and The Reality
by grtv

"David Ray Griffin scrutinizes the timeline and physical evidence of September 11 for unresolved inconsistencies." - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY.

This shocking film brings together an account of the 9/11 tragedy that is far more logical than the one we've been asked to believe. Gathering stories from the mainstream press, reports from other countries, the work of other researchers, and the contradictory words of US government officials, David Ray Griffin presents a case that leaves very little doubt that the attacks of 9/11 need to be further investigated.

Disturbing facts emerge that put into serious question the official story and reveal an enormous deception. Packed with bonus features, expert analysis, in-depth commentary and unforgettable conclusions about this tragic event in American history.

America's War on Terrorism


2011 / 09 / 20
Mike Corbeil says:

Fine talk, and I posted a couple of comments at Youtube.

Dr Griffin refers to Jim or James Hoffman, along with Dr Steven Jones. Jim Hoffman is editor of 911review.com, 911research.wtc7.net and wtc7.net, which I seriously recommend for resources on 9/11. He's done some very good studies on 9/11.

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