Death Squads in Syria Part of Intelligence Operation

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Michel Chossudovsky
August 18, 2011


Death Squads in Syria Part of Intelligence Operation
by grtv

The UN announced that it would be removing non-essential staff from its offices in Syria amid growing concern over the violent crackdown by government forces on demonstrators. The Syrian government responded by inviting UN personnel to observe the situation on the ground.

The director of the Canadian-based Center for Research on Globalization, Michel Chossudovsky, says much of the hype around the Syrian crisis originates from abroad.

"I think this is really part of the public relations campaign to demonize the Syrian government without addressing the fundamental causes of the crisis," he stated. "This is not a peaceful protest movement. It is an armed insurrection by gunmen, well-organized mercenaries and it is confirmed not only by government sources. Let's examine: Israeli and Lebanese sources say the protesters have heavy machine guns...Since when are peaceful civilian protesters armed with heavy machine guns?... And I think the United Nations decided to remove its non-essential staff essentially as a prelude to tomorrow's [August 18] session at the UN Security Council."

Chossudovsky says he spent a couple of months in Syria earlier this year and left the country shortly before the violence started in mid-March. He is sure the insurgency there is part of an intelligence operation.

"The question we have to ask ourselves: Who are the sources of this killing, what are the underlying causes of this insurrection?" he said. "We are dealing with a big lie as far as the media information is concerned. The media doesn't even have access to Syria. They are drumming up the whole series of interpretations which are, from my point, totally biased."


2011 / 08 / 19
matt Cusumano says:

That anchor woman certainly wasn't ready for what Michel had to say. She didn't like the idea that he might be casting some doubt upon the "official" party line.

Good work. Keep it up. Someone's got to get the truth out.

2011 / 08 / 19
Andre E. Williams says:

Excellent work Professor. Your investigation reveals what many researchers have claimed for some time that outside intelligence forces have been causing chaos in Syria. They have been using armed snipers and other forms of provocation to cause a regime change in Syria. Syria has geopolitical relations with Iran and Russia. I guess there are a lot of Western powers who don't like that. Oh yes, keep shocking the women news anchors. If they were doing there job and avoiding issues, they wouldn't be intimidated by the truth. Tear down the "official party line". Excellent work. I guess that's why I keep buying your books.

2011 / 08 / 19
Mustafa says:

Michel Chussodovsky is right as usual. I dont know why the RT anchor was pissed off.

Since the Russian Government controls RT, then why is the Russian government not want the truth about Syria known? It is in Russia's interest to maintain relations with Bashar Al Assad and maintain thier base there. Rather than in control of Israeli /American puppets.

2011 / 08 / 19
Who is Michel Chussodovsky? says:

"You are the source of tremendous inspiration. Our thoughts are with you.

Long Live Fidel Castro Ruz"

This a direct quote from the Professor's recent piece on Fidel Castro. He heaps nothing but praise on a Communist dictator.

Another quote:

"Fidel is acutely aware of the mechanisms of media disinformation and war propaganda and how they are used to undermine civil rights and social progress..."

Of course Fidel is acutely aware of this. These are the same mechanisms Fidel has used for 50 years against his own people. Civil rights and social progress in Cuba? There is no such thing there. Why? Because Fidel got rid of that a long time ago. Cubans are prisoners on a prison island. How odd that Guantanamo Bay prison is located in Cuba. It's the world's highest security prison (run by the beacon of freedom- the U.S.) located inside of an island prison. It almost sounds like a plot from an Orwellian novel to contemplate that fact. But it's fact, not fiction!
If a GITMO prisoner escaped into Cuba, he would go from one prison straight into another one.

I admire the good Professor for creating Global Research. However, I'm conflicted because he actually believes Fidel Castro is a "good guy." How absurd is this?

If the Professor lived in Cuba and tried to create a site like Global Research in Cuba, he would probably be made to "disappear" by Fidel's police state. In fact, such a site wouldn't last 10 seconds in Cuba before being taken down by Fidel.

Michel needs to look in the mirror and ask himself:
How can I be fighting for social justice, freedom of the press, civil rights and the end of police states when I actually idealize, promote and praise the king of all police state leaders---Fidel Castro?
How can he live with himself? The hypocrisy is laughable!

Long live Prof. Michel Chussodovsky!
I like him. I truly do. He's right about everything else. He just has to abandon the idea that communism is the solution to this mess.

He has no idea how much harm he does to his reputation by praising Fidel.

2011 / 08 / 23
latakia2011 says:

Thanks, the truth starts to come. The propaganda and terrorist channel Aljazeera should be ashamed to continue diffusing lies about Syria and other countries; and the arab journalists mercenaries in Reuters and UAP in Lebanon and Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The fat Emirs are barril petrol...

2011 / 08 / 23
latakia2011 says:

the fat Emirs are paying with the petrodollars the criminals in Syria..

2011 / 08 / 23
Laurie Izaks MacSween says:

I would like to reply to the ill informed person ( i cannot find a name attached)…..raving on about Cuba. This person has no idea what they are talking about. I am Australian and have been living in Cuba for nearly 3yrs. I suggest this person stop listening/reading/believing the propaganda spread about Cuba and the Cuban people and find the truth. Start by watching the doco by Irish journo Bernie Dywer 'The Day Diplomacy Died''(who also lives and works in Cuba) I do not want to dignify further nor try and explain more to this person who obviously chooses to remain ignorant. Viva Cuba!

2011 / 08 / 24
Who Is Michel Chussodovsky? says:

Hey Laurie Izaks MacSween,
You said something important, You are Australian. You are not Cuban. Your friend is not Cuban, an Irishman. Of course you will be treated differently.

Try being a natural-born Cuban professional and deciding, "Hey, you know what, I'm going to just pickup my whole family (grandparents included) and we are all just going to move to another country".
Try to see how easy that would be? Not a chance.

Try having lived in Cuba (as a Cuban, not as Hemingway) before the revolution and then being caught up in the new Communist Police State and being thrown in jail for having committed no crime and having no political affiliations.

Try this in Cuba. Setup a site called ""
Put up the site with critiques similar to how Global Research critiques the Governments of the world (except Cuba, of course) and see how long the site will stay up on the web. Then wait to see how long it is before someone comes knocking on your door to haul you off to jail.

If you tell Fidel to go to hell while he's talking to a crowd, you will never be heard from again. And your family will probably be in serious trouble too.

There is the Cuba for foreigners, and then there is the Cuba for real Cubans. Wake up! Michel needs to Wake Up too.

I'm sure Joanne Chesimard has nothing but lovely things to say about Cuba.

Send me the URL from Cuba when you set up your anti-Fidel, anti-government site, anti-Cuban Revolution site. I would like to see if you have the guts to speak out against the government there.

We will all be waiting for your response here. Keep dreaming!

2011 / 08 / 25
grtv says:

GRTV Editor's Note: Please keep all comments respectful and relevant to the videos being presented.

2011 / 08 / 25
Go back to says:

How do we know this person complaining about "Fidel the dictator" is not just a grifter sitting behind an NSA desk, or at a military base, acting out their expensive and newly purchased Multiple Persona Software program? Why would anyone who holds those views even consider frequenting GR? I find it odd that someone who probably gets their news from the WSJ is somehow so interested in combing through their political opposition's material for the sole intent of bashing Mr. Chossudovsky and Cuba (as if Cuba is anywhere near the current geopolitical and military landscape).

Most, if not all of the Cubans who are against Fidel and his Cuban state are people who he and Ernesto kicked out of Batista's Cuba. Batista, by the way, was a hardcore, right wing dictator who banned elections upon his coup.

If you'd taken the time to understand Cuban history from a subjective lens, then you might have come to understand that the imperial US policies only stood to further disenfranchise the Cuban state, after Castro and Che ousted Batista. The fact that the US considered Cuba an enemy simply because they would not allow US corporations to exploit the Cuban people and resources is a clear sign that the idea of Castro being some type of evil Hitler type figure is completely false. Castro only turned to the USSR after the US refused diplomatic relations and imposed an illegal economic blockade against Cuba.

Many, many Cubans are in fact proud of Castro, his brother, and Ernesto Guevarra for doing what no other nation or state has done since the US republic turned into the US empire. The Cuban state, although not perfect, has accomplished the impossible feat of thwarting the corrosive and infectious capitalist policies that have only been proven to exploit human and natural resources for the benefit of the very few. For those who are not brainwashed into believing that the policies that work for the common good of society (some would call socialism) are inherently evil or malicious towards the general population, Castro and Cuba need not be viewed through a prism of reality in which the truth is bounced and reflected elsewhere, away from the people who need to see it. This is the reality in which this person, and many people like him/her, live in everyday. It is a reality void of any logic or reasoning, in the conventional sense, and completely immersed in a biased, emotional, and nationalistic view point.

Believe it or not, some Americans actually refuse to follow and support US policies simply because the flag wavers attempt to guilt everyone into it. Just because these ideas were hatched under the stars and stripes does not make them right, and does not mean Americans as an aggregate must support them.

2011 / 08 / 26
johnUK says:

Here is the proof that Turkey is supporting Islamic insurrection against Syria, the same terrorist gangs that Turkey and western intelligence has deployed against Russia in Chechnya.

Surprised at the RT taking a negative stance in regards to Turkish and foreign involvement in Syria when it directly affects Russia interests and more persecution against Christians and strengthen radical North Caucasian communities in the Mid East which is an even greater threat to Russia.


They take the same western line against the Serbs and the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia despite it directly effecting Russia and exposing western collusion with Islamic terrorists including Bin Ladin.

Before the Karadicz trail began I wrote to RT hoping they would cover it but I never got a response which so far has revealed some interesting information

2015 / 08 / 15
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2015 / 10 / 14
Jenny says:

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2015 / 10 / 23
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2015 / 12 / 21
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2016 / 01 / 23
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