Make No Mistake: NATO committed War Crimes in Libya

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Julien Teil and Mathieu Ozanon
August 12, 2011


Make No Mistake: NATO committed War Crimes in Libya
by grtv

NATO massacre in Zliten, August the 8th/9th 2011.

This Global Research video was produced and directed in Tripoli by a team of committed journalists, researchers and cameramen, who decided to defy the consensus of the Western media which consists in spreading lies and misleading public opinion.

This video reveals the crimes committed by NATO, as well as those committed by the Western media, which has decided to obfuscate the casualties and human suffering of the Libyan people and uphold the humanitarian fiction of NATO's R2P mandate.

War propaganda is defined under international law as a war crime.

-Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, April 12, 2011

A large number of casualties occurred in the city of Zliten, in the district of Misurata. In Zliten, 85 people were killed including 33 children, 32 women, and 20 men as a result of NATO's deliberate targeting of residential areas and civilian infrastructure. Many of the injured civilian victims are in critical condition and near death.

Zliten has been under constant NATO bombardment for several days. The recent NATO attacks started at about 11:30 p.m. EET on August 8, 2011. At least 7 civilian homes belonging to local farmers were destroyed, killing entire families. In all 20 families were the targets of the NATO bombings.

This video exposes the media's role of covering up the truth. The mainstream media did not report about this properly or accurately. The media did this to whitewash NATO's war crimes against the Libyan people.


2011 / 08 / 12
Ambricourt says:

War-crazed NATO uses Libyan families as targets. Despite mainstream media's silence about such atrocities, NATO will never restore its image as a "humane" organisation.

2011 / 08 / 12
Jay says:

You guys have a better solution to world problems? I'm sure everyone would love to hear your perfect ideas. I'd love for you to solve world hunger and end all wars, but for thousands of years we've faced these problems. So maybe there is no perfect answer.

2011 / 08 / 13
mliiy says:

wow Nato was there to protect now this pictures are saying the opposite, Nato will loose it legitimicy if this to go on, it is a shame

2011 / 08 / 13
Kevin says:

I am saddened by this video, and feel ashamed of what the leaders of our western countries are really doing, but then lying and deceiving the world.

The big question is: when will the NATO countries be forced to pay for their war crimes? Who will make the military leaders pay for the destruction and suffering they are causing?

2011 / 08 / 13
Peter says:

And it seems that the War Criminals of the US and NATO and the EU will not see Justice.Shame upon all of the human race.

2011 / 08 / 13
Rudy says:

"You guys have a better solution to world problems? I'm sure everyone would love to hear your perfect ideas. I'd love for you to solve world hunger and end all wars, but for thousands of years we've faced these problems. So maybe there is no perfect answer."

Accepting that there is no perfect answer is no reason to simply shrug and give up on finding something better than what we have now.

Here's a partial solution: US/NATO should stop attacking countries that are too independent for corporate and banking interests.

Do you think these wars just happen because it's simply a law of our species that we always have wars? Certainly, there will continue to be civil wars, but the wars the US/NATO engage in are in the service of elite corporate and banking interests and/or in the service of a particularly right-wing understanding of Israel's security interests.

2011 / 08 / 13
Nick says:

Many thanks to Global Research for publishing this film and so many other important documents. Congratulations to all of those responsible for them. Continue with the good work - we, the people, need to know the truth.

2011 / 08 / 13
jules says:

Do you all know who is at fault for the world's problems I will name them: The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the queen of England, the queen of the Netherlands, the bankers, the IMF, the World Bank and all those elite families including the Bush family. All the elites are responsible for all the atrocities because they make fortunes on wars. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Middle East, etc. etc. etc. Even the Civil War of the US, the old wars in Europe during the Middle Ages, and I can just keep on going like the Bunny on the commercial for batteries. Wake up people before it is too late.

2011 / 08 / 13
Awara says:

The US, Nato, europe and Asia are the the problem Africa is facing. The crisis in Libya is caused by US, France and Britain l dont realy know why they cannot allow AU to solve internal matters in Africa, and if at all it is Above the, they can be invited by the AU. Nato as a matter of urgency should quit Libya and allow the most courageouse, wise, intelligent, the most wanted, and a Man of intergrity how l wish we have them up to four in Africa is no other person other than MUAMAR AL GADDAFI. GOD BLESS JACOB ZUMA OF SOUTH AFRICA AND THE THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA. TELL THE WESTERN WORLD TO STOP DESTROYING AFRICA WITH INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND QUEST FOR AFRICA OIL.DO THEY WANT TO RECOLONISE AFRICA AGAIN ?

2011 / 08 / 13
Awara says:

The US, Nato, europe and Asia are the the problem Africa is facing. The crisis in Libya is caused by US, France and Britain l dont realy know why they cannot allow AU to solve internal matters in Africa, and if at all it is Above the, they can be invited by the AU. Nato as a matter of urgency should quit Libya and allow the most courageouse, wise, intelligent, the most wanted, and a Man of intergrity how l wish we have them up to four in Africa is no other person other than MUAMAR AL GADDAFI. GOD BLESS JACOB ZUMA OF SOUTH AFRICA AND THE THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA. TELL THE WESTERN WORLD TO STOP DESTROYING AFRICA WITH INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND QUEST FOR AFRICA OIL.DO THEY WANT TO RECOLONISE AFRICA AGAIN ?

2011 / 08 / 13
Awara says:

Why the reverse with nato instead of protecting civilians in libya the reverse has been the case in libya?

2011 / 08 / 14
USAma Bin Laden says:

The North American Terrorist Organization (aka NATO) is a Nazi organization in all but name.

The only difference between the Nazis and NATO nations like America, Britain, Canada, or Europe is that the latter are able to disguise their true malevolent nature behind national lies like freedom and democray.

NATO’S “Drang Nach Osten” and the Anglo-Saxon Roots of German Nazism

2011 / 08 / 14
peacefulwarrior says:

IF ! we the people want to stop these killings around the world we have to stand together as a community a PEOPLE and let our humanity and compassion take over our selfishness and greedy eyes and start changing the way we think and live day to day ...
Just stop and THINK for one moment, the video you just seen that that could be you or someone close to you buried in that rubble.
Exchanging ideas on paper and sites like this one will never ever change anything... believe me. its time to take action and STOP feeding the Demons, STOP feeding their hunger for blood, pain and suffering that we see all around us .
Always remember you were born naked and the day you die you take nothing with you. this fact applies to all of us. This is something that is so simple yet so important that we the people forget the real meaning of life and cheat our self and person next to us. But this is exactly what they want you to forget and keep you occupied distracted with their toys and conditioning lies .Also remember that these Demons NEVER NEVER kill us with their own Hands when they have all of us to do their bidding. First dividing us like farm animals and then branding us with a religion to keep us loyal for their purpose and pleasure .
They keep telling us and training us which is really social conditioning that in order for us to be happy we need to be successful and have and I repeat have all fine things life has to offer. NOW lets turn to reality for a brief second or two and ask our self where is the good and happiness in all this success when our freedom is taken away our food chain is genetically modified and poisoned, our air is polluted as well as our water... should I go on ?
WHAT do we the people really want?

2011 / 08 / 14
ibrahim suleiman says:

the history wil never forget these heinous crime against humanty commited by NATO in libya under the pretext of protecting civilian.

2011 / 08 / 14
Fuggster says:

If true, posters should be made from this video and plastered over the front of the UN building until the sunlight is blocked from view as shown in it's own hypocrisy.

2011 / 08 / 14
Sam Carrington says:

An excellent source of daily updated news and information on the events leading up to the NATO intervention, ongoing political analysis of the situation and recent videos illustrating the resistance of the Libyan people. Highly recommended
Global Civilians for Peace in Libya

2011 / 08 / 14
Alastair Carnegie says:

Just type "Libye mission creep" into any search engine, and see all the dire warnings expressed earlier this year. The UN Resolution under Chapter VII, was to implement a "No Fly Zone"...Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has recently voiced alarm at the Civilian deaths and casualties.... A no fly zone resolution has been used as leverage to engage in deliberate mission creep, and start a bloody war of aggression. We must wonder if this is a replay of the Mossadegh Coup orchestrated by Kermit Roosevelt? Regime change to gain control of the Oil, with the insertion of puppet royalty! under the pretext of a bogus rebellion.

2011 / 08 / 15
Rogeraka says:

"NATO lied, they deliberately targeted and murdered civilians" The world full of lies. People are being killed without any knowledge. Many people are still not yet aware of all the divisions that Western countries are creating. It's good for us already aware, we must stand as one to fight agaisnst this..People deserve to know about all of this.

2011 / 08 / 16
Ally Hunt says:

The only possible solution to world problems is to make the elite more elite. Get my meaning? They are basically playground bullies who are also a cowards to the extreme. They NEVER pick fair fights. They take advantage only when they are sure there will be no repercussions. It is essential that this behavior cost them their freedom. Force them into bullet-proof jackets where ever they go. Make them believe an armored limo will not guarantee their safety. We are not making use of the most obvious gimmick of all which is open season on elites. If enough people want them gone, they will drop like bodies from a gallows. If you cannot target an elite, target an elite's security... six one way, a half dozen the other. As much as the elites would like to suck our blood from another planet, that impossibility is their fatal flaw. They need to begin paying for this small oversight in their plans,

2011 / 08 / 16
peacefulwarrior says:

My hat off to you ALLY HUNT !

You give me Hope ... that there are people out there like your self that can still think and use their own brain .
I swear with everything going on around me, I feel like I'm living a life out of that animated PIXAR cartoon " A Bugs Life "
I feel that we are exactly like those ants in that cartoon,where we just keep getting used and abused,YES believe it or not ! this is our movie.
Lets finish that story...

2011 / 08 / 16
Martin says:

Nato is commiting war crimes again. They did the same on Iraq and Afghanistan and before too. The US and UK governments are murderers and their civilians people must awake before beeing considered murderers too. How can anybody stand to see a dead body of a little children? They are barbarians. They come for resources. That is all they want. They are simple murderers. The people of these countries does not realize the atrocities their armies are commiting? As long as they can pay their loans and fill their car´s tank, all is fine...Indoors, they are the first to shout on their rights, but outdoors, they dont mind who are dying. Patetic human race...

2011 / 08 / 16
USAma Bin Laden says:

"The US and UK governments are murderers and their civilians people must awake before beeing considered murderers too."

Too late--way too late.

American and British citizens have been murderers for centuries.

Current Anglo-American wars of aggression are not new. They are only a continuing tradition of barely concealed aggressive wars that British and Americans have waged throughout the history of their benighted democracies--with the support and knowledge of their citizens.

American wars of aggression began with the so-called Indian wars well over a century ago. As for the British, there was this little thing called the British Empire that attacked nations from Africa to Asia with impunity for centuries.

It's long overdue that people around the globe *wake up* and realize the true nature of the Anglo-American menace that confronts them.

Anglo-American citizens will never fully admit to their war crimes, as they will predictably attempt to deflect blame and responsibility from themselves.

Even on here on this website, many commentators can barely muster the courage to confront the USA or Britain explicitly by name--instead preferring to focus on bureucratic entities like "NATO" or abstractions like "the elite" or "the human race."

So much for the propaganda about taking responsibility for one's actions that Anglo-Americans love to lecture the world about.

2011 / 08 / 17
peacefulwarrior says:

With respect... brother! USAma Bin Laden
Please stop and think what you are saying (writing) and don't fall into their trap this is where the devision all begins. YOU have to understand that a name is meaningless without knowledge and understanding of their sick bloody game.
The hidden hand always hides behind a country like America and England and behind their sheeple citizens *(a population that has been dumbdown)* over and over.
DOES it make you feel better when they use the name GOD in the name of justice ..? when you and I know very well that these blood lusty murders don't believe in God ...the only God they they worship is GOLD,OIL and DRUGS
Help me help you ... and don't give up HOPE.keep yourself healthy mind, body and soul.
P.S I also come from a land I love, that has been destroyed by these DEMONS !!!

2011 / 08 / 17
Jacob Solace says:

Keep up the good work. The People need to become the media. Each one of us must spread the word.

2011 / 08 / 18
Freethinker says:

That's bull. If any body were to drop bombs on any US military base, guess what. The wives and children of our troops will be wounded and die as well. Military families live on military bases. Don't act like they mistakenly, much less intentionally bombed civilians. That is just BS! Typical left wing, bleeding heart liberal BS!

2011 / 08 / 18
Angry Conservative says:

Freethinker, you picked that name just to sound open minded. You are not. The facts are that no military personnel lived there. They bombed a civilian area. The mean killed were also civilians. And I am a conservative for your information. Please stop supporting the media lies about the war crimes of NATO and the US government.

2011 / 08 / 18
James Brenner says:

So this is NATO's "humanitarian" mission - The banker lead military industrial complex MUST be dismantled - bank heads, CEO's, complicit heads of state must be held accountable. And the Rothschilds must die.

2011 / 08 / 18
USAma Bin Laden says:

@ peacefulwarrior

America is good at two things: committing genocidal wars crimes against other countries and then trying to deflect blame for these crimes onto others.

The USA is able to get away with these crimes because it dominates and controls the global "free press," manipulates international organizations like the UN, and deploys its war machine to threaten any nation that confronts it.

Don't you provide alibis for America, as this will only enable it to commit even more criminal wars of aggression in the future.

2011 / 08 / 19
tim says:

"This is Colonialism" - shit is going to hit the fan

2011 / 08 / 19
solardiva says:

We fight against tyrrany until Judgement Day!

2011 / 08 / 19
peacefulwarrior says:

@ USAma Bin Laden

What are you talking about ...
providing alibis ?
I don't think you understand a word I said ...
God help you ... you are looking for someone to blame and wasting your time and mine, when you know very well who's behind all this. You simply like to complain ( because its the easiest thing for you to do ) what you are saying is that I sopport the USA for their bloody crime around the world...GET REAL
My simple advise to you is STOP drinking the tap water, the Floride in the water is very bad for you, serously the chemical is known to attack brain cells and other parts of the body.
IF would like more information on this I am more then happy to help you my brother.

God Help Us !

2011 / 08 / 20
DGS says:

The New Reich and all its insanity will not stop anytime soon, its being going on for over 6000 years (same bloodlines screwing over humanity) , and it will continue for some time. These sociopaths and psychopaths will not stop until the world is in a blood bath and smoldering cinders. Its their plan, they (Big Zig and Kissmyassinger, etc.) have told us what they are going to do, "regime change in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, and of course Iran. Egypt was supposed to be a cake walk although its not going quite according to plan. 4 down, 4 to go.
In the north part of the NAU, aka Canada, the reporting on this massacre is nothing short of disgusting. SO ORWELLIAN is makes one want to upchuck lunch.
My prayers go out to the good people of Libya.
Keep up the GREAT work GR.

2011 / 08 / 20
USAma Bin Laden says:

@ peacefulwarrior

Are you off your meds? You sound like some wannabe cult leader or spiritual guru.

Instead of calling out America or its NATO allies for the many war crimes they are guilty of, you prefer giving sermons about not drinking flouridated tap water no less.

Seems to me that you have been drinking some funny water and it has seriously addled your brain. You cling to shadowy, conspiratorial delusions in order to avoid holding the American Empire responsible for its crimes.

American apologists are legion, even among so-called "peace" activists.

Here's some information to help you out:

American State Terrorism

2011 / 08 / 20
peacefulwarrior says:

@ USAma Bin Laden

I would like to think that your a good man ... I must say you made me laugh their at the begining of your comment, I admire your stubborness.
Now for me to dodge your judgment call on my person would be bias on my part but I have to tell one very important fact about me, myself... I don't belong to anyone any institution or LOVE! ( thats another life ) away from this physical illusion that we fill for the time BEING... please remember this.
Brother, may I call you by that name with sincerity, If I am not mistaken I would say that you are hungry for somthing better ( Real ) like myself and that is a good thing.
But before I can share my thoughts and information with you, we may agree or disagree but we need to understand that we are on the same side here !

and Please brother don't drink the tap water!

2011 / 08 / 21
grtv says:

GRTV Editor's Note: Please keep all comments respectful and relevant to the videos being presented.

2011 / 08 / 21
peacefulwarrior says:

To the EDITOR :
With all do respect to you and GRTV when you present video topics like this one ~ Make No Mistake Nato Committed War Crimes in Libya ~ and others...thank you!

I believe recieving exchaging information and knowledge is very important but not good enough to move foward and make our world a better and safer place to live in... for all mankind. Our purpose here is getting people like us to unite and overcome their differences by understanding what is real here and learning that we all have a choice to make and our choices and actions towards our society contribute to where we our today.
Sincerely, I ask you with this infomation and knowledge I have on Libya, how may help this country fom being destroyed and its people from being bombed to the ground ?
If you recall not to long ago one of the very first countries to recieve this kind of medicine was SERBIA and even after the bombing has stopped, it is still in the process of being dismantled back to the stone age.
I NOW have a homeland that has its economy destroyed with no real future for generations to come, polluted with depleted uranium, no real borders and a Mickey Mouse goverment...GATEKEEPERS to top it off.

With Regards.

2011 / 08 / 23
Steve Wiseman says:

The Chrisitan/English speaking white man has been trying to conquer the world for over 400 years now, even to the point of destroying their fellow Christians in two world wars for this purpose. They are not going to stop until they rot from within. Thankfully this seems to be happening. Whether it will will happend fast enough to save Iran is another thing.

2011 / 08 / 23
peacefilwarrior says:

@ Steve Wiseman

Your comment doesn't hold water... the Christian / English speaking white man is just the uniform and a PEOPLE these Demons use and hide behind to do their bidding. The information you give us is ONLY good for the Dumb Down crowd because they will eat anything.

DON'T forget... we are not the chosen People!
Please try again .

2011 / 08 / 24
Karlin says:

"Make no mistake"?? Based on this video, one could only be mistaken if any opinion is formed. There is NO evidence in that video of NATO killing "innocent civilians". In fact, the bombs that made the hole in the wall could have been a Gadaffi bomb, there is no evidence of NATO.

Do you consider Libyans who fight FOR Gadaffiduck innocent? Maybe that farmhouse had a rocket launcher and was killing the anti-Gadaffi fighters. We don't know, there is no indication of who what when or why on this video.

Glbl Research has lost it man. They insist on saying the majority of Libyans LOVE Gadaffi and so he should stay. Silly.

Freedom Fighters of Libya - I hope we were of some help, and I am proud to be a NATO nation right now.

2011 / 08 / 25
peacefulwarrior says:


I'm Sorry to say that the only " Mistake " here is you! and their are many many more like yourself who feel a sense of pride collecting Air Miles and watching people die...I only hope you are rewarded for your tail wagging effort...Good Boy!
If you must know, Gadaffi was also one of them at one time tail wagging just like Hosni Mubarak, playing into their sick pet games and doing their dirty deeds while picking up little rewards and having fun along the way, but of course not many men understand the rules ( the fine print ) and how much it will cost them in the end playing their Masters board game. Because every game has its run just like every traitor (SLAVE) has a expiry date.

Mr KARLIN you mention Freedom Fighters of Libya I'M not shure of what kind of freedom these men will really have after they complete their training and their Owner puts them on a leash in their own back yard ?
Enjoy while you can and remember every Empire has a beginning and a end...

2011 / 08 / 26
rsb1 says:

Lybian rebels = NATO MERCENARIES. “Operation Unified Protector” is nothing more than a flowery ‘cover’ for the blatant theft of Lybian Soverign Wealth, the attempts to murder Gadaffi, the Corporatisation of Lybia’s Oil, the closure of the Lybian Central Bank (one of the few Central Banks NOT under control of the Rothschild-owned BIS), and the demise of the African Development Bank (AfDB - which is also outside the control of the IMF, WorldBank, or UN due to funding received from Lybia). If you are you supportive of what is happening in Lybia because of the Lockerbie MYTH you really need to re-think your worldview. For the truth about PA109 see the article at The Alphabet Agencies are stealing Lybia’s natural and monetary wealth in full view. If you believe the stories being shown on the mainstream media YOU ARE BEING DUPED and manipulated ! Even though we may be nothing more than ‘slaves’ to the Fascists and Corporations we can still act as FREEMEN.

2011 / 08 / 26
Daisee says:

Propaganda, the baby's bottle didn't have a speck of dust on it.

2011 / 08 / 26
USAma Bin Laden says:

More about the USA, Britain, France, and Canada's continuing terror bombing of Libya, despite their chest-beating boasts about victory and the NATO conquest of Libya:

Libya: NATO Humiliation Increasing per Airstrike

And some revealing information about one of the leading commanders of the Libyan "rebel freedom fighters" ... who just so happens to be an Al-Queda asset.

Escobar: Al-Qaeda asset is military commander of Tripoli

This is only appropriate. Birds of a feather flock together.

NATO terrorist nations from North America to Britain to Europe seek their natural terrorist ally of Al-Queda.

2011 / 08 / 27
peacefulwarrior says:

N ~ North
A ~ American
T ~ Terror
O ~ Organization

Using tax payers money and selling weapons NATO is funding wars around the world and also supporting drug cartels to feed all their rats on there payroll. These criminals are using democracy to enslave the population while killing people without mercy in the name of terrorism.

2011 / 08 / 28
anon says:

Thank you for the video, it's a shame we won't see it broadcast in the mainstream media, along with other views. They seem too busy following a very specific agenda to spend their time with things such as unbiased quality Journalism, with a capital J.

2011 / 08 / 28
lextcs says:

chicken will come home to roost america.....

2011 / 08 / 29
Kassa IMMANUEL Gebrekidan says:

NATO has done great job the best way it could and helped the freedom fighters to overthrow the enemy of the freedom loving world. Quadaffi and his supporters must be hunted down like animals that they deserve... Thank you NATO for the job well done!

I hope and pray that NATO will continue to do a great job in saving humanity from it's oppressors and move on to Syria to eradicate the Bath party, lead by Basher and bring him to justice!

The freedom loving people is watching you NATO and wish you a lot of success in your future endeavor. God Bless NATO!


2011 / 08 / 29
Miroslav says:

NATO (king of the North) will come to their end. Just read Dan11.45

2011 / 08 / 29
Info112 says:

Please Read: Lybian NATO-AL Qaeda Rebels crimes exposed. VIDEO FOOTAGE of many crimes against humanity.

Check the uploads on this guys channel


Look at the uploads, rebel crimes.

Looks like they are from a citizen in Rebel held territories, in every video you could see them waving rebel flags while committing these crimes. This is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt and must be exposed to MSM brainwashed westerners, maybe then they will wake up.

Please everyone spread these around to people you know, ESPECIALLY ones brain washed by MSM.

I sent this to global research i hope they print an article about it soon.

2011 / 08 / 30
Peppe says:

Everybody knows what NATO is by now...

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