Skeptical on Syria: 'Media reports framed & manipulated'

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James Corbett
August 31, 2011


Skeptical on Syria: 'Media reports framed & manipulated'
by grtv

A London-based human rights group claims around five hundred people have been killed in Syria during Ramadan, the majority of them, civilians. Another group of activists released a report, suggesting dozens of people, including children, have been tortured to death behind bars for taking part in the anti-regime uprising.

James Corbett, who's an Osaka-based editor of the independent news website, believes the latest report on prison casualties is one sided, but says this is to be expected in an era of media manipulation.


2012 / 03 / 31
John Weston says:

The Iraq war was the turning point of my belief in news reporting, which convinced me of its real aims of propaganda.
Since then, I have tried to subscribe my postings--especially to "The Guardian"--these have been banned--under a pretext of non-compliance with their "rules"--it is censorship, pure and simple.Yet rants and banality are acceptable, regardless of their irrelevancies--so long as they do not undermine the editorial thrust of opinion.
I am grateful for your coverage of events and foresights, which confirm many of my suspicions of corruption in the coverage of history and Middle East wars and "revolutions".

2015 / 07 / 12
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2015 / 08 / 21
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