Torture Trial for Rumsfeld? 'Abused' US Contractors File Suit

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Brian Becker
August 16, 2011


Torture Trial for Rumsfeld? 'Abused' US Contractors File Suit
by grtv

Two American contractors can go ahead with a civil lawsuit over allegations they were wrongfully held and tortured in Iraq by the U.S. forces.

Donald Rumsfeld, the country's former Secretary of Defence, could be held personally liable. The two men worked for a private security company in Iraq in 2006 when they highlighted concerns their firm was engaged in corruption. They were detained for nine months at a U.S. military facility near Baghdad airport and released without explanation or charge.

Brian Becker from the anti-war coalition says this case could open a door to punishment for officials from the Bush administration, accused of torture.


2011 / 08 / 16
daddio says:

It may open the door tp procicutions of Bush Admin criminals. Unless, of course, Obama's justice dept continues to sheold them from justice. This will go nowhere because the courts are owned by the very people they need to prosicute.
American Justice is an oximorn.

2011 / 08 / 16
Michael McCollum says:

its very clear that these men violated the law by issuing their "soften them up" memos. The paper trail is clear, the admissions...clear as a bell, and the lack of remorse is palpable. But the question as "daddio" alludes, will the Obama administration act or no? So far, the Obama administration is in violation of treaties where the United States agrees to hold its own people legally accountable first. It hasn't done that at all. One of Two options will come in the future and some exist now like Sri Lanka. 1.) countries who torture will simply say, hypocrite and ignore the US and world demands. those who have steadily eased up on repression can validate their repression with US example aka Sri Lanka 2.) the countries will be harsher on US citizens when captured or sentenced with the US example as a Point-To.
We seek to hold these people accountable and ask that you do to. Demand your representative in DC and your other officials confront this issue.

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