7/7: Crime and Prejudice

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Tom Secker
September 13, 2011


7/7: Crime and Prejudice
by grtv

A brand new investigative and analytical documentary from the maker of 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction. It explores the 7/7 cold case via new evidence from the recent inquests and discusses the war on terror in the context of numerous miscarriages of justice and acts of violence committed by the state.

The first section of the film examines the history of the British state's use of double agents, from the Victorian Anarchists through WW2 to the war in Northern Ireland. It concludes by examining contemporary cases of injustice and violence carried out as part of the war of terror against Muslims.

The second section of the film is a multi-dimensional study of the new evidence made available at the recent inquests. It looks at the evidence of a wider conspiracy and the fundamental flaws in the official narrative and the police investigation. It also discusses why the dialogue about 'intelligence failures' itself fails to address the very real possibility of state involvement in the attacks.

The final section of the film returns to the Anarchists and the case of Martial Bourdin, Britain's first suicide bomber, in 1894. The mythology surrounding Bourdin is used as a foundation for examining the numerous films, tv shows training exercises and real life events that either predicted 7/7 or were influenced by the attacks. The question of conspiracy theories is addressed through an original analysis unique to this film.

7/7 Crime and Prejudice combines a presentation of the cutting edge of July 7th research with a deeply contextual analysis that casts light on largely unexamined aspects of the war on terror.

For further information about 7/7 please visit the website of the July 7th Truth Campaign and their dedicated 7/7 Inquests blog:


2011 / 09 / 21
Mike Corbeil says:

Very good documentary, but I wonder what the July 2011 story, "Murdoch phone hacking and 7/7 Investigation", presently posted at the top of the 77 Inquest Blog means in terms of the content of this very good documentary film. I'm not sure, but have the impression that what that new blog article tells readers implies or indicates that the 7/7 London bombings were indeed carried out by the alleged bombers ; if what Daniel McGrory reported for the Times of London in 2005 is true.

And I wonder about the prior film, "7/7 : Seeds of Deconstruction"

Good documentaries, but if they're affected, then it'ld be good to know how and how much ?.

2011 / 10 / 05
Mike Corbeil says:

I just learned of another documentary on the 7/7/05 London bombings and it's entitled, "7/7 The Big Picture". Yesterday was the first time I learned of this documentary, which I haven't yet viewed. And it'ld be great to get some feedback about this film, before viewing it. If it contains invalid information or analyses, then I'ld prefer to now view it.

So, if anyone reading this post can provide any review-like views or information about this other documentary, it'ld be greatly appreciated.

The following page has an embedded copy for the part 1 clip.


2011 / 10 / 10
Mike Corbeil says:

Correction :

I wrote :

"I just learned of another documentary on the 7/7/05 London bombings and it's entitled, "7/7 The Big Picture". ... (snip) If it contains invalid information or analyses, then I'ld prefer to now view it."

That should ened, I'ld prefer to not view it, rather than now view it.

2011 / 12 / 24
George says:

Why not view it yourself Mike and make up your own mind?

2012 / 01 / 04
Mike Corbeil says:


I did view it, but there are MANY details in this, so it's not easy, simple to fully understand everything said and the meaning of it with only one viewing of this documentary, which nevertheless strikes me as very excellent.

It's been much easier for me to read at julyseventh.co.uk, people can read and re-read text, articles at whatever pace each individual is comfortable with. The analyses of the 9/11 attacks have been quite easy and straightfoward to read and understand, but the 7/7 analysis is more complicate, for me anyway.

That's not to say that I have any belief in the British or English govt's conspiracy theory about 7/7 though, for, imo, it's extremely doubtful that the govt's theory, if we're to give it enough credit to call it a theory, rather than pure bs, like to be polite about this, fe. It's just that the research and analyses of the findings about 7/7 strike me as more complicated than with 9/11. Similarly, it's every easy to understand that the OKC (Oklahoma City) bombing of 1995 was an "inside job", and I have favourited several video clips for this at my Youtube channel to serve as an index of vids that I find to be definitely appreciable. The channel username is mikecorbeil.

7/7 analysis involves the train schedules, changes in schedules, and so on, so I'll have to listen to this video again at least one more time, and two more, over time, definitely wouldn't hurt.

WTC 1993, OKC 1995, 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, NK didn't start the Korean War, but, instead, SK did and Washington knew about it, but wanted to "opportunistically" profit from this moment in human history (as David Swanson, editor of warIsACrime.org and author of "War is a Lie", besides other books has reported), USS Maine, the Lusitania history related to WW II and FDR and US military brass having basically forced Japan to commit an attack against US forces to gain "popular" American support for entering into WW II, and so on; all quite simple to understand, for me. But, 7/7 analysis gets into train schedules and destinations, and more, that, for me, requires one or two more viewings of this documentary to be able to completely understand the whole of it.

Excellent docu. film, great work, but the details in the analysis, a good portion of it anyway, will require that I view this again.

With that said, however, it's of key interest to UK'ns. For me, I'm USA'n and Cdn, USA, first (having been born and lived there the first 16 years of my life and, at 18, having enlisted in the USN, but also born of Cdn parents and long heritage). Even if I've lived a decade or more longer in Ca, I don't forget about the USA; having personal reason to not do that (tho. nothing against Americans of good ethics and healthy sanity). And the USA replaced the British "empire" many decades ago. Stop Washington, if we can, and then this world could (hypothetically) have a real chance of becoming sane. And we must wish ourselves good luck in this, for thinking we can evidently is quite utopic.

Utopic or not, the main root of the huge problems, injustices, today, is Washington, and its ruling masters, Wall Street, etc. So, I can't dedicate much time to 7/7 and have learned enough about it to be able to realise that the UK govt can't and mustn't be blindly believed; needing to hold it up to or for scrutiny, at least.

But folks like you can certainly take your leisure time to learn about 7/7. Meanwhile, I work on recommending that people who're off-based in their analyses or beliefs about 9/11 refer to physicist Jim Hoffman's 9/11websites, 911 review.com, 911research.wtc7.net and wtc7.net, the latter two accessible from his more general 9/11 website, which is the first one, and websites that he recommends. A lot of people say to be part of the "9/11 truth" movement, or whatever it's called, but believe nonsensical "theories" and this keeps the whole divided, while unity is required and many do promote nonsensical "theories" that make us all look bad. Then, there's the OKC 1995 event, WTC 1993, and we also have critical learning to do from Keith Harmon Snow about US and NATO black covert ops in Central Africa, as well as other places in Africa, currently editing ConsciousBeingAlliance.com, with his archive now being his former website, AllThingsPass.com.

And that's not all that people need to be concerned with.

Now, with all of that bla bla bla stated, I'll recommend that people visit Keith Snow's website and help his team out with donations when needed. They currently on their third year of producing a documentary on the thematic of political genocide in Central Africa, all lcovert ops criminality of the US, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, ... and Israel, extremely genociding the Congolese people of the DRC, and he plans on having this documentary completed within a year from now. Apparently, according to my last email communication with him, he's received enough donations to be able to continue this work in 2012; but, will be needing additional help. He's an independent journalist and war correspondant doing great and very important work, for 15 years or more, already.

The following lecture (45 min) and interview (41 min) uploaded in October can provide people with a little before-taste of what the documentary will contain.



I recommend the lecture, first, but the interview is also okay.

2012 / 01 / 04
Mike Corbeil says:

George, again,

I thought you were speaking of Tom Specker's film, but have now seen that your post is in ref. to the other film I posted about. You must be some spoiled individual to be able to have "all the time in the world" to be able to view all documentaries and must be a genius to be able to do all of the competent analyses all by your little self, alone. Such people have nothing to say to me, for I live in the REAL world, not your spoiled one. Sorry.

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