Canada-US Border Deal Threatens Sovereignty

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James Corbett
September 20, 2011


Canada-US Border Deal Threatens Sovereignty
by grtv

A proposed cross-border deal between Canada and the US is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks. The Canadian government admits that the agreement includes plans to share security-related information, but says it is consulting with the privacy commissioner to ensure that Canadian interests are "protected and promtoted."

Learn the historical context of this agreement and the moves over the last several years toward the formation of a continental security perimeter on this week's edition of GRTV's "Behind the Headlines."



2011 / 09 / 23
Mike Corbeil says:

Definitely not a good plan are the elites up to carrying or trying to carry out.

2011 / 12 / 04
John Grodaes says:

I would like to know when they asked indivuduals in canada how they felt about it. i would also like to know whos as i am going to have to kick to get harpers head out of his ass.

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