The Greek People Never Agreed to the Debt or Austerity

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Michael Hudson
October 10, 2011


The Greek People Never Agreed to the Debt or Austerity
by grtv

Michael Hudson: There is nothing democratic about sending Greece into a decade of depression.


2011 / 10 / 10
Ambricourt says:

History shows Empires plundering colonies. Today American armies squat in most European countries. Purchases of weaponry and over-valued Wall Street "securities" have impoverished European states such as Greece. And the subsequent "debt-crisis" is used by the trans-Atlantic manipulators to attack the European welfare-state - the total destruction of which is the real objective of the whole financial-political intrigue.

2011 / 10 / 14
Mike Corbeil says:

This is very brief, but it's still a fine interview. And I hope the population of Greece wins against this fascism.

2011 / 10 / 15
Mike Corbeil says:

And while the situation is NOT funny at all, the title of, "The Greek People Never Agreed to the Debt or Austerity", is a little funny ; because, of course populations wouldn't want such agreements.

It's definitely a valid, reality-based, real-world-based, ... title ; just that many persons unfortunately need it to be stated. No one would want to end up in a situation like there is in Greece, and many other countries, as well, today ; definitely not in the Congo, DRC, Haiti, Ven., and many other countries.

The debt and austerity measures Greece is being demanded to live with can surely be considered genocidal. I think they can, anyway.

2011 / 10 / 15
Mike Corbeil says:

Clarification :

Re. DRC, Haiti, Ven., ..., what I meant in the prior post is that these populations would certainly NOT want debt and austerity measures that are unjustifiable. I want to make sure that my prior post isn't misunderstood as meaning that these populations would accept unpayable debt and severe austerity. Who would? NO ONE would ; except, the profiteers, of course.

2011 / 10 / 15
Mike Corbeil says:

Ambricourt wrote : "History shows Empires plundering colonies. ... And the subsequent "debt-crisis" is used by the trans-Atlantic manipulators to attack the European welfare-state ..."

Empires created colonies and then acted against them ; real "project work". What a world.

But, welfare-state isn't good. A well-being state, however, would be great. Welfare often is a poor term to use. It isn't about being well in our economies, or making them well ; except for when we refer to corporate welfare, which is to enrich rich corporations, which isn't well for the rest of us. Enrich the already rich. Hoo-ra-ra ; bring on the Texas Cowboys cheerleaders? No!

Universal health care coverage for everyone (single payer too) is needed, as are also NO more wars of aggression, NO more genocides for robbing populations of their natural resources, and so on. We need real justice ; ALL of humanity does. It even includes the corrupt elites screwing up govts. If you have a child who does some bad things that should or must not be repeated, then give some reasonable, mature discipline, right? Well, the ruling elites need strong disciplining ; not violent, but nevertheless strong.

But I don't consider universal health care, ending wars and et cetera, welfare. It'ld provide well-being, but iis not so-called welfare, as it's usually known or considered to be.

2011 / 10 / 18


2012 / 09 / 18
Dr Jack Dempsey says:

Greeks work more hours per year than German workers. Greece has the largest merchant fleet on the planet and its owners---according to their Constitution---pay ZERO taxes. Same story all over: tax the parasite rich and no more problem.

2014 / 12 / 03
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