The Obama Syndrome

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Tariq Ali
November 23, 2011


The Obama Syndrome
by grtv

In this Perth Writers Festival talk, Tariq Ali argues that very little has changed since George W. Bush left the White House -- especially when it comes to foreign affairs.

Writer and filmmaker Tariq Ali has written seven novels and over 20 books on world history and politics (including The Clash of Fundamentalisms, Bush in Babylon, Pirates of the Caribbean , The Duel and The Obama Syndrome). He has also penned a number of plays for stage and screen. He currently worked as an editor for New Left Review.

Presented by the Perth Writers Festival, March 2011


2011 / 12 / 03
Mike Corbeil says:

Very good 5-part interview video.

But :

In what I believe to recall is part 3 of 5, I wonder what Tariq Ali means when briefly mentioning Margaret Thatcher, an Indian female leader, Mrs Singh, and some other female leader. I guess that he's not meaning to say that these people were good leaders, but am not sure, based on his very brief reference to these people. I don't know of Margaret Thatcher being any role model, not in any good way, anyway; and don't recall having read anything good about Mrs or Ms Singh.

From what I've gathered, Margaret Thatcher is war criminal and also has been complicit in gun trafficking. How she was complicit in the latter is not something I recall in detail, but there's a vague recollection of having read that she was associated with international trafficking of arms or weapons.

Ms or Mrs Singh is someone I've seen less mention of, but I don't recall having read anything favourable about her when she was a political "leader".

2012 / 01 / 21
Mitchell says:

Deep thgohut! Thanks for contributing.

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