The Real Libya: What Mainstream Media Won't Show

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Rolando Segura
November 8, 2011


The Real Libya: What Mainstream Media Won't Show
by grtv

Footage of Libya before, during and after NATO attacks.

Produced by Rolando Segura, correspondent for Telesur in Libya. Presented at the headquarters of the Unión de Periodistas de Cuba on October 7, 2011.

Real clip realizado por Rolando Segura, corresponsal de Telesur en Libia y presentado en la sede de la Unión de Periodistas de Cuba, el 7 de octubre de 2011.


2011 / 11 / 08
Mike Corbeil says:

I just came across the following list of 14 things about Libya we should all know about and they're all either very good or great. It's a copy of a list found elsewhere on the Web and was posted by Rafael Ontiveros October 27th.

"Things about Libya you should tell everyone about"

Actually, I just tried a Web search to try to find the copy that the list in the above page was copied from and came across the following 4-minute video that presents 16 great things about the Gaddafi-era government.

I've heard and read from people like Pepe Escobar and some others who have feature articles at GR that Gaddafi was dictator, and maybe also that the Libyan government sometimes tortured and wrongly imprisoned people. Perhaps it was other people who said the latter about the Libyan government, but Pepe Escobar has admitted that Gaddafi was dictatorial, though without saying really more than that about him in this regard. It didn't seem like Pepe Escobar was saying that Gaddafi was a wicked, vicious, ... dictator, but, instead, only saying he was dicatorial; or, so I believe to recall.

Well, good or reasonably good, fair dictators would still make Washington and NATO leaders look bad when comparing them. I'ld prefer to have a dictator like Gaddafi, rather than what we have with Washington and even Ottawa, which do much less good for their citizens and other residents, rob taxpayers, constantly lie us into wars, and so on.

2011 / 11 / 11
james gaks says:

people call gaddafi a dictator because he stayed for long in power but what he did for his country no one can match. he was killed because he opposed the globalization created by the west he spoke out against the west and was proud for his vast natural resources. the day russia and china abstained from the UN vote was the end of libya. the country was flattened and the gaddafi family almost made extinct i wonder as farrakhan said 'why Obama said regime change, who the hell put him there to say regime change' very clear that they wanted him dead
CIA insurgents are now in syria but this time their intentions will not be backed by the UN.

2011 / 11 / 11
Ambricourt says:

US policy now concentrates on the takeover of all Africa. It will promote pan-Africanism under US military and US-Israeli corporate control .

Libya has been bombed back into the stone age. The pro-Israel-American mainstream media were constrained in reporting on events. Media's collective hypocrisy must be added to NATO's barbarities from the air and on land.

All this will be repeated in Central Africa as US special forces spread out from Uganda... Meanwhile Washington-Tel Aviv can celebrate the take-over of Ivory Coast and establishment of the Republic of South Sudan. The exclusion of China from the African continent proceeds rapidly...

2011 / 11 / 15
Rose says:
2011 / 12 / 17
Dayana says:

Ah yes, nicley put, everyone.

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