A River of Waste: Anti-Biotics and America's Factory Farms

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Dr. Michael Greger
November 23, 2011


A River of Waste: Anti-Biotics and America's Factory Farms
by grtv

Scientists and health officials have raised grave concerns about so-called "factory farms". They have been called "mini Chernobyls" causing vast environmental damage and risk to human health.

The film starts in the U.S. with a brief look at our history and how we got from a country of family farms to one dominated by multinational corporations with gigantic factory farms--literally cities of animals.

The film examines the impact of urbanizing animal populations without a way to handle the vast amounts of sewage generated.

Directed by Don McCorkell. On DVD July 14th.

www.aRiverOfWaste.com www.cinemalibrestore.com

Seeds of Destruction


2011 / 12 / 20
Cordy says:

Why do I boethr calling up people when I can just read this!

2015 / 06 / 28
suzain says:

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