The Dangers of Nuclear War and Threats Against Iran

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Michel Chossudovsky
December 5, 2011


The Dangers of Nuclear War and Threats Against Iran
by grtv

Professor Michel Chossudovsky gives a speech at the Perdana Global Peace Forum in 2005.

Chossudovsky states that "Osama bin Laden and the Taliban were identified as the prime suspects of the 9/11 attacks, without a shred of evidence" and that "amply documented, the war on terrorism is a fabrication."

For more information visit the Perdana Global Peace Foundation:

America's War on Terrorism


2011 / 12 / 06

An unprovoked military attack on the Islamic REPUBLIC of Iran by the United $tates of Perpetual War Profiteering (or its masters in the Jim Crow apartheid 'theocrazy' of Israel) will be like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis attacking Russia in 1941. It will be one war too many for Amerika's capitalist/fascist empire. It will be the end of Amerika and perhaps the whole world.

Amerika's foreign policy is delusional, violent and criminally insane! Faster poo-food Amerika has devolved into a terrible and violent beast. This beast must be stopped... lest humanity suffer an extinction event.

2011 / 12 / 08
USAma Bin Laden says:

The best example of American meglomania is the fact that all these American nationalists still think of the USA as a benevolent Land of the Free being "threatened" by other nations---even as America is actually attacking one nation after another from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Pakistan, Somalia, and beyond.

The more countries that America commits aggression against, the more these Proud Americans try to psychologically project their aggressive nature onto other countries.

Such is the pathology of the United Sociopaths of America.

2011 / 12 / 08
jose casmiro says:

don´t be affraid of ww3,it won´t be any ww3,at least from now!do you really think that russia and china are willing to go war with U.S. over iran or sirya?come on wake up!don´t be so affraid...let iran be bombed,and let sirya´s repressive regime be tackled!but if it is destined to have a ww3,so let it be...we all are going to die any way...

2011 / 12 / 08
Antonios says:

Poor jose casmiro......your ignorance is flambergasting...


2015 / 09 / 30
John says:

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