Police State Canada: From the McDonald Commission to the G20

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James Corbett
Dan Dicks
December 1, 2011


Police State Canada: From the McDonald Commission to the G20
by grtv

Documents released under the Access to Information Act in Canada earlier this month reveal what Canadian activists have long known: that a massive RCMP-led intelligence dragnet worked for 18 months to infiltrate, surveil, and ultimately arrest activists across the country for their participation in Vancouver Olympic and Toronto G20 activism.

Find out more about the history of the Canadian police state in this week's GRTV Backgrounder

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3351


2011 / 12 / 02
Nadine Lumley says:

Please Sign Petition:

re June 2010 Toronto G20 Police Abuses ♥♥♥



2011 / 12 / 02
Nadine Lumley says:


G20 Trials and the War on Activism

It is no coincidence the people facing the most serious charges with the most restrictive bail conditions are among the most effective organizers in this country. They are precisely the people who build bridges across traditionally separate communities and constituencies, finding common ground where there was often antipathy before.



2011 / 12 / 02
Ambricourt says:

The major tool of Canadian law enforcement is institutional humiliation.- through arrest by police, prosecution by crown lawyers and the iron hand of the corrections system.

Sophisticated and well-rehearsed, it is preferable to kidnap, torture and the "disappearing" of citizens which characterize too many other national systems.

2011 / 12 / 04
Mike Corbeil says:

Very fine report; a bit short, but it provides a good overview of some examples of the police state situation, present and past.

I wonder if "Officer Bubbles", the anti-soap bubbles cop, at the G20 Summit has been able to get over having been viciously attacked by a peaceful demonstrator who was only blowing innocent and harmless soap bubbles.

If he thinks that soap bubbles are bad, then he should show some integrity by never using pepper spray or gasses against peaceful demonstrators. A little soap in the eye is much less bad and it's very easy to just use some water to wash the soap out of the eyes; while, if the bubbles hit other parts of the body, then nothing happens to "the poor victim" agressed with soap bubbles, at all.

Oh my God, people are using soap bubbles as WMD and weapons of mass oppression against the police foces! What has become of this country? We must hurry, to run to their rescue, and catch all of the bubbles that we can in order to protect our totalitarian police state cops. Sure, maybe I'll join you in this rescue or protection effort, some day; when soap bubbles become menacing when used as weapons.

It might be funny if many more demonstrators peacefully blew soap bubbles when police state officers crack down against legitimate citizen rights and liberties.

Okay, folks. So let's take a lesson from "Officer Bubbles". To be "loyal" citizens following his example, whenever we walk the streets and come across any children blowing harmless soap bubbles that come in our direction, we scold these children harshly, and threaten them with imprisonment if they don't cease to aggress us with their little soap bubbles. We have a duty to civilise the children!

Any joiners? Not interested, heh? I wonder why. Duh. :)

I'ld really like to learn that the officers who clearly and severely or seriously misconducted themselves have been punished for this, or at least firmly ordered to not repeat any of the police state conduct we're told about in this video report. They're disagraceful for being stooges of the elites who "screw" this country and contribute to "screwing" other countries, third-world ones anyway. If it happened, then it'ld be difficult to "wipe the smile off of my face", and smiling is healthy, so ....

The undercover bozo SQ/QPP cops at Montebello, what a bunch of bs the government gives when admitting that they were indeed undercover SQ police. They were wearing masks, or whatever they wore is called, and held sizable rocks in their hands. I believe that that could only be to try to incite similar actions by some of the activists there, and that that would only be for the govt and police state to be able to claim, before the general public, that they had just cause for making the police state crack down much worse than it was.

What other purpose could be credible? I can't think of any other; not at this moment anyway.

And Kudos to the activists who promptly spotted and denounced or exposed that these characters were actually undercover police.

The police should be or feel very ashamed for their definitely (and clearly) dishonourable conduct. There's an awful lot of the latter and the police evidently seem to be incapable of feeling ashamed for their shameful actions.

Canada possibly should establish a "3 strikes and you're out law", like in the USA, in some states anyway, but while the USA applies this law against minor pot-heads, Canada should apply the law to police for police misconduct. Once they've misconducted themselves three times, then they're out of the force and become inelligible until they've been outted for 25 years; a firm 25 years.

And that could also be applied against politicians and other government officials who misconduct themselves.

If "three strikes and you're out", with imprisonment for 25 years for ordinary citizens merely for possession of marijuana, which is basically harmless, is supposedly acceptable, then police, military and political or any government officials shouldn't be treated differently. They should also have similar law weighing against them.

Well, we don't have real democracies in either country; having totalitarian, racket, ... states, instead. So laws are mostly applied against us, while the elites treat themselves as being above the laws.

Jan. 2003, GW Bush holds a press conference at the White House, speaking of making war on Iraq. A journalist asks him, "But what about the Constitution?", and GWB replies, "It's just a piece of paper". He's the sole President I've heard or read of having told the public that this is the way the Washington elites, and their master elites, think of and treat the Constitution. It's been the obvious reality for far longer than this, but he's the only one I know of having said anything like this about the foundational law of the government of the USA.

And it "speaks" of what our democracies and charters of human rights are; just pieces of paper. In or with that mindset, these laws can all be ignored by the ruling elites, and they are ignored or dispensed of. The ruling elites have no use of our laws; they believe that they don't, that is.

Vote for the four main parties of Ca, or the two main parties of the USA, and then "rest assured" that we aren't going to overcome unjust and hijacked governance.

2011 / 12 / 06
DGSE says:

Nothing new here. Our Schultzstaffel (SS/Gestapo) shoot kids in the head for an "open beer" (HoustonBC). These sickco assassinate Polish tourists coming into the country (Van,BC.) They are constantly filmed BEATING people, and nothing happens to them. These sociopaths are nothing but vile anti-humans. Canunkistan has LONG been a police state. Trudeau showed us that.
RCMP kills Canadians, as that is their job.

2011 / 12 / 20
IM Loos says:

Too bad Dan Dicks is a victim of the climate change denial propaganda.

2012 / 03 / 28
Cameron Anderson says:

And those waving flowers were secretly going after cops with pollen allergies.
And "they" call it democracy; the 1% at least.

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