US Covert Ops may be First Phase of War on Iran

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Michel Chossudovsky
December 12, 2011


US Covert Ops may be First Phase of War on Iran
by grtv

The director of the Centre for Research on Globalization says ‏the loss to Iran of the CIA's surveillance drone reveals the United States and Israel's broader “military agenda directed against Iran.”

“This [spy drone operation] is a centralized operation out of strategic command headquarters in Nebraska,” Michel Chossudovsky said in an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Saturday.

“It contemplates both theater operations as well as covert operations using panoply of sophisticated weapons systems,” to destabilize Iran, he added.

“These covert operations, constitute, potentially, the first phase of an all-out attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Such an operation to attack either Iran or Syria is in blatant derogation of international law, it is classified as a war of aggression under international law.”

Chossudovsky noted that the fact that Iran was able to down the advanced RQ-170 unmanned U.S. spy plane lends further credence to “recent developments that suggest Iran has developed its own capabilities in terms of cyber warfare and command and control counter-operation.”


2011 / 12 / 14
Mike Corbeil says:

Good statement.

Pray that war on Iran isn't launched. Just the sanctions, etc., politics against Iran has been very criminal, for it's all unjustifiable and based on hegemony, hypocrisy, racket, and so on. So, war on Iran would be only much more criminal, and very well could be apocalyptically catastrophic, it seems.

Iranian political and military leaders have said a number of times that Iran will militarily respond if and when it's attacked; and it'll be very strong response, they added. And a video I listened to yesterday is for an interview with ... (I forget, having listened to a few different interviews), but one thing that was said is that if Iran is attacked by Israel and/or the USA, or NATO, then they'll have maybe 70 million guerilla fighters to contend with, for while not all Iranians are Shia Muslims or Persians, the population will unite to oppose the forces of aggression. It was stated in comparison to Iraq, where there was a lot of division or disunity between Shia and Sunni Iraqis, but where the USA, UK, ... still faced considerable Iraqi resistance. Even with the disunity or lack of solidarity among all or most Iraqis, Washington, UK, ... still met considerably strong Iraqi resistance groups, so if Iranians, who have a population nearly 3x larger than Iraq had in early 2003, unite in forming resistance against western and/or western-backed aggression, then the forces of aggression will face much stronger resistance than was faced in Iraq.

Iran military has enough power to strongly oppose aggression quite strongly, there'll be Iranians who'll join resistance groups, and if Russia and/or China intervene on the side of Iran, then what'll we have? Apocalyptic catastrophe? Or, maybe it'ld be an outcome like, fe, the forces of aggression meet resistance much too strong to be vanquishable and the soldiers of these forces of aggression quickly scramble to flee the country being aggressed, or start killing their officers, or ..., or any combination thereof. US military officers might want to carefully watch their backs, for any officers who'ld be in command of troops in Iran, anyway. And maybe that'ld also be applicable for officers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

That's if there's ground war anyway. I haven't read that the US and/or Israel would fight a ground war in Iran, and maybe the war planners aren't planning for ground war, only planning for aerial attacks, instead. But, if they're planning ground war to be included, then we're surely going to have many more PTSD'd, wounded, and angry western troops, who'ld be angry at or about Washington, military officers, ....

But, while it's possible for the USA and/or Israel to attack Iran, I still find it rather non-credible. It's as if all we have is politics of hegemony, etc., enough to SCARE and anger many people, but while the ruling elites really know that it's a war that must never be committed and won't do more than they have been, so far. The war-making elites must surely realize that war on Iran is an idea to never be implemented and should be put through the shredder, instead.

Yet, the neocon "crazies" of Washington weren't called this for nothing. They were called that by other criminal politicians in Washington, but they certainly seem to have been half right; being right in calling the neocons "The Crazies", while omitting to add that the people calling these neocons this are also "crazy", sick. Oh well, we can fill in the rest of the picture ourselves.

Otoh, the neocon "Crazies" aren't the top-most elites and maybe enough of the latter elites will let the "Crazies" rattle their sabres to try to coerce Iran with the use of fear and unjustifiable politics of hegemony, etc., but while also preventing the "Crazies" from actually committing war on Iran.

But, they've been working on trying to establish global dominance and that, to be achieved, requires dominating the Middle East, all of Asia, the whole planet, for that matter; and, I haven't noticed any signs of them relenting about this at all.

So, while I prefer to believe that it isn't credible that they'll war on Iran, it's not possible to presently be certain that they won't. We know they can and that we have plenty of proof for this realization, but they better not.

What kind of bed-time stories were read to these elites when they were young children, and what kind of stories do they read to their little grandchildren, ..., when it's normally time to go to bed to get a good night's sleep, some R&R? They must be stories for making nightmares come true.

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