US Mainstream Media: Beating the Drums of War?

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January 16, 2012


US Mainstream Media: Beating the Drums of War?
by grtv

America's mainstream media is being accused of playing with fire and hyping-up global tension, while trying to steer public opinion to please their sponsors.

In a sensitive time with the military standoff in the Strait of Hormuz and looming sanctions over Iran's nuclear program, the MSM is cynically playing-up the prospect of war, between Iran and the West.

RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reports from Washington that viewers in the States are repeatedly hearing how war is virtually inescapable.

With tension between Iran and the West as high as ever, a host of hardline speakers on US mainstream media seem to be pushing the audience to believe that war is inevitable.

There is constant warmongering all over the mass media in the US, although experts say war with Iran is far from being inevitable.

“I don’t think that we are there yet, that is to say, at the precipice,” Dr Charles Kupchan from the Council on Foreign Relations told to RT.

The media are already preparing the grounds for it – some by misinforming the public. The New York Times wrote that the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran’s nuclear program has a military objective. But that is not what the IAEA reported.

The watchdog said Iran might have the technology to develop a nuclear weapon if it wants to. Or another public misconception due to a lack of information:

“We would be saying to Iran if you to open up those facilities, you begin to dismantle them and make them available to inspectors or we will degrade those facilities through air strike,” Rick Santorum, US Presidential candidate from the Republican Party was saying recently.

In fact, IAEA inspectors have already been in the country monitoring Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“When the American people hear information over and over again, and sometimes it is often the subtleties you are not providing – the context for the IAEA report or not putting in some of the doubts back in 2002-2003 about Iraqi [Weapons of mass destruction] programs. That kind of slanting of the news have the affect of altering how the American public views an issue,” Investigative journalist Robert Parry explained to RT.

The US mainstream media have proved to be cheerleaders for war.

Jeff Cohen was a senior producer of a popular TV show, before the Iraq invasion. He says they were under pressure from their bosses to cheer for war, because their owners benefited from it.

“It was a constant pressure campaign to make sure that the pro-invasion voice was dominant,” he told RT.

Cohen says not much has changed in US mainstream journalism since the Iraq invasion. “There is no doubt that the mainstream media are crucial in this idea of selling that the US is going to be in a perpetual war,” he insists.

Media analysts say, since the intervention in Libya, US media have been instrumental in making Americans get used to the idea that Washington will continue to intervene militarily in foreign affairs.

“I’ve worked at Newsweek as well as at [the Associated Press] and other major US news organizations,” recalls Robert Parry. “And what I saw, especially at places like Newsweek was this idea that the media was actually part of the establishment, it was that the American people were to be guided more than even informed.”

It seems most American media are so used to talking wars that when – after a decade of inconclusive war in Afghanistan – the White House announced the necessity to negotiate with the Taliban, the message and the words “political solution” came out as somewhat alien.

It seems the words “political solution” do not belong in the US media’s vocabulary. Two main reasons: one, it’s boring. Two: some very powerful people are behind the kind of trigger-happy pro-war journalism.

Too many times in history, the media have done the bidding of war profiteers. We can go back more than a hundred years and look at how the American public was primed for war with Spain over Cuba.

The iconic media tycoon William Randolph Hearst falsely hyped up the story that the Spanish had sunk an American ship, when in fact it sank because of a coal bunker explosion. It was then that Hearst told his illustrator in Havana “You furnish the pictures, and I'll furnish the war."

More than a hundred years on, the phrase still sounds relevant. But it does not have to be that way, and some argue a “political solution”, although not a popular term media parlance, is better than “war” and “death”.


2012 / 01 / 16
canobs says:

____Israel are in for a big surprize, _____Iran do not have to build nuclear weapons, as they Already have a few nuke bombs and long range missiles do deliver them, stocked for a few years and bought from the underground market in Ukraine, as ex-soviet missiles and nuke warheads.___U.S.-Israel provocations with the nuke fabrication excuse could return against them.

2012 / 01 / 23
Nanette says:

I know it's not a popular thing to do, but please, join me in praying for peace, or at least God's mercy upon us. He is a just God, and he HATES sin.

One of the Ten Commandments is to not give false witness against your neighbor. Iran is our neighbor on this small planet.

Amejinedad didn't make a speech saying he wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the map - Hillary Clinton said that! The speech that Amejinedad was quoting is what got him in trouble because he was mis-quoted by Neo-cons and Hillary Clinton - both very hawkish on war!

Israel has nuclear arms, and the capability to deliver them to it's neighboring countries (including Iran). Anytime they are asked, they lie and say they do not.

Thall shalt not lie is another Commandment.

Their nuclear facility is called Dimona. Why can't Syria protect itself with nukes? Why can't Iran? Look what Israel did - they flew into Syria's airspace and blew up their facility.

For any faithful Christian reading this; Zionist Israel is NOT the 'Jews' that God calls His chosen people. There are two kinds of Jews. DO your homework.

Some Jews in Israel do not serve in the military, ask yourself why not? Why are the Jews living outside of Zionist Israel calling themselves Jews and NOT Zionists? They will tell you readily they are NOT Zionists. (I am specifically referring to the NYC Nutra Kartai (sp?) Jews) They and other Orthodox Jews are the remnant that scripture talks about.

And by the way, while God walked the earth in human flesh as Jesus Christ - He was a Palestinian Jew.

Israel has never said publicly that they are our ally. On the contrary, we pay them restitution payments every year because we didn't stop the Holocaust sooner, and because we turned the ships full of European Jews away from our ports.

Israel has more spies in the USA than all other countries combined. Why is this?

Why are all the telephone and internet companies merging into (with) AT&T, and why do all the billing records go through Comverse, in Israel?

ICQ is another Israeli company as well. Thousands use or used to use ICQ in this country.

The Pentagon wants in Iran because they are the sole country in the region not bristling with our military bases.

Big oil wants Iran so they can get their pipeline through to the Caspian Sea.

Open your eyes, Christians! Stop hating Palestinians! Israel is NOT 'our only ally' in the middle east!

Witness the USS Liberty atrocity, and the more recent attacks on flotillas trying to get aid and stuff like sewer pipe, etc to The Gaza Strip. Why does Israel assault US and other ships trying to help?

One reason they want all of the Palestinians dead or gone is because of a huge natural gas field off the coast of the Gaza strip.

Countries fight over natural resources. Or the control over them.

The US couldn't just pay for Iran's, Iraq's or Venezuela's oil, no, we have to provoke/attack them.

Why can't a rich nation like Israel just offer to pay the resident Palestinians for their natural gas?

GOD WILL JUDGE. His judgement will be just and severe. Meanwhile, let's Christians get out of the war hawk business, please?

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