The Girl Killed by Obama: She "never saw it coming"

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February 1, 2012


The Girl Killed by Obama: She "never saw it coming"
by grtv

Barack Obama says the drone attacks he authorises are targetted only at named people on a list of active terrorists who are a direct threat to America. The facts tell a different story.


2012 / 02 / 01
Mark Tellus says:

Obama is just continuing and expanding the crimes-against-humanity started by bush jr.

We seem to have hit bottom after Kennedy was murdered. Bad scene for a long time. But the caliber of policians really went down with Clinton.

I did not think it could get any worse than Clinton. Then we got stuck with Bush Jr.. I absolutely 'knew' it could not get any worse. Then we got this CIA creation obama. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I have never been more ashamed to be an American.

2012 / 02 / 01
Ambricourt says:

A President with no military experience is a drone controlled by his generals. Foreign civilians die while American military live high on the pseudo-democracy's taxes. That's the reality, yesterday and today. - Will tomorrow's America be the same?

2012 / 02 / 01
amy toffle says:

let me get this straight. robert gates created al qaeda. the cia broke al qaeda out of prison in Libya to fight against Qadafi, and now 0bama is launching air strikes on al qaeda? something doesnt add up.

2012 / 02 / 02
Gina Bespectacles says:

The US now has so much blood on its hands, the stain will never wash off.

2012 / 02 / 02
bobby says:

Well, those Ynaks responsible for these atrocities will BURN in HELL for eternity and no amount of church going or death bed repentance would ever adsorb their crimes against humanities. These self righteous double standard Yanks will reap the bitter harvest in the coming days and the day of judgement for them is fast approcahing. Let them BURN.

2012 / 02 / 02
Gonzo says:

It's all wrong and it's time to stop it, but this is the way Americans want it: Just look at how they applaud al the Republican candidates thet want to repeat Iraq's sad story now wioth Iran. Ron Paul is the exception and he is lagging behind. Attacking Iran will bring lots of Chinese and Russian nuclear missiles flying down on America. It's coming folks !. This is what people want.

2012 / 02 / 02
Peter Pan says:

@Gina Bespectacles says:
The US is run (just like EU) by a criminal banking cartel. They just use the US and NATO military resources. Look aat the record numbers of US military supporting and donating to Ron Paul. I whish they had balls just to walk away from service. They do not serve their country, so what is the reason to risk ones life for an International Financial crook?

2012 / 02 / 03
terry says:

America is babylon the great read Jeremiah 50 & 51
Isaiah 13,18,47. Revelation 13 & 17 &18

2012 / 02 / 03
DGSE says:

This Wall Street stooge has PROVEN many times he is a pathological LIER, and a psychopathic murderer. No one who really pays attention to world geo-politics is surprised. The Noble "Peace" aka(War) Prize. So much for that reputation.

2012 / 02 / 05
Peter says:

The real Terrorists are,the US of israel,NATO,UN,EU and others,savage War Criminals.Shame on all of you.

2012 / 02 / 07

There is nothing wrong with what I wrote.

-Respectfully yours- REVEREND HOWARD R.O.T.B.

2012 / 02 / 08
bill noble says:

stop paying taxes to these baby-killing war criminals!

2014 / 10 / 17
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2014 / 10 / 17
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2015 / 02 / 16
davidjohn says:

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2015 / 02 / 16
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2015 / 02 / 21
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