"No War on Iran" Demonstration at White House

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Brian Becker
Malachy Killbride
February 6, 2012


"No War on Iran" Demonstration at White House
by grtv

On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 4, 2012, a demonstration was staged at the White House. Protesters demanded "No War on Iran!"

The spirited event was sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition, along with other Peace & Justice advocacy organizations. This video feature commentary from:

Brian Becker
Malachy Killbride
Lee Paterson
Sharon Black
Eugene Puryear
Andrew Castro
Heather Benno

Filmed by Bill Hughes


2012 / 02 / 06
Attar says:

I am an Iranian America. Thanks for exposing US imperialism's wae on Iran and other parts of the world. But, remember that as an Iranian I know that the fundamentalist Islamic regime in Iran is a fascist regime. In the past 33 years of its rule, the Iranian people, workers, women, intilictuals, writers were all under brutal oppression. This regime must go but, not by foreign interventions, the Iranian people must be able to overthrow this fascist capitalist regime.


2012 / 02 / 07
dappy says:

It is an Islamic republic is it not? You advocate an overthrow of the government that the people placed in power? Id reccomend overthrowing your own capatalist/fascist regime 1st.

2012 / 02 / 26
Fraizer57 says:

Check your facts before U repeat all the big LIES & the fabricated truth about Iran which R manufactured by the big mafia in USA &UK. To understand what has happened in Iran in 1979, visit my UTUBE channel, read my comments on the left, check the books I have named bellow including "HOSTAGE TO KHOMEINI" by Robert Dreyfuss & "JIMMY CARTER The Liberal Left & The World Chaos" by Dr Mike Evans & watch the 10 min clip above to see how & why UK&USA overthrow the modernizer Shah. Only than U will understand why the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 becomes the biggest taboo subject in the west since WW2.

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