US-NATO Support Al Qaeda-Affiliated Rebels in Syria

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Michel Chossudovsky
February 20, 2012


US-NATO Support Al Qaeda-Affiliated Rebels in Syria
by grtv

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has offered a referendum for a new constitution that will put an end to a 50-year reign of a single party system.

For several months the country has been torn apart by the al-Assad government and anti-government rebels and many critics believe al-Assad's referendum is too late.

Many believe the people aren't looking for other political parties to vote for, but would like Bashar to be removed from office.

According to some reports, the CIA and MI 6 have agents in their provoking conflict.

Michel Chossudovsky, director for the Centre for Research on Globalization, joins us for more and gives us his thoughts.

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2012 / 02 / 22
Mike Corbeil says:

Very good interview. I'm glad to have listened to this one, for I've heard Michael Chossudovsky speak about Washington and NATO being behind or certainly backing the violent group or groups acting in Syria today, but don't recall having learned that Syria is secular, non-theocratic, non-sectarian, ..., and that's always good news about any country.

2012 / 02 / 23
RockyRacoon says:

Thanks for Keeping us aware in this world of "newsspeak" as we dig our own graves falling for these fake humanitarian wars of aggression perpetrated by the Military Industrial Financial Complex of Pax Americana.

2012 / 05 / 20
Joanna says:

Not a good interview. Why did this reporter cut him off and why did she insist on espousing her own views. Was it an interview or just a platform for the reporter's opinions?

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