KONY 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime

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Kambale Musavuli
March 14, 2012


KONY 2012 Hides US Support for Repressive Ugandan Regime
by grtv

As most of you have either seen or heard by now, a video produced by the NGO Invisible Children, called "Kony 2012", that essentially calls for U.S. military involvement in the capture of Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. And this video's gone viral -- over 100 million views in a very short period of time.

Kambale Musavuli says that Uganda is responsible for atrocities in the Congo, and the focus on Kony is a cover for US militarization and support for dictators.

Kambale Musavuli, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a human rights activist, Student Coordinator and National Spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo. Mr. Musavuli’s professional activities, publications, and public engagements reflect his unflagging commitment to realizing peace and justice in the Congo. Mr. Musavuli has written for The Washington Post, Foreign Policy in Focus, The Huffington Post and numerous other academic and news publications. He has also been interviewed on National Public Radio, Democracy Now, ABC News, Al Jazeera English Television, Radio France International and a number of other radio and television programs.

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