US Cuts Food Aid to North Korea Over Rocket Launch

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James Corbett
March 29, 2012


US Cuts Food Aid to North Korea Over Rocket Launch
by grtv

The US has suspended food aid to North Korea after the country refused to cancel a scheduled rocket launch.

Washington says this breaks the deal in which North Korea agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment program and nuclear missile tests in exchange for humanitarian support.

Pyongyang says the launch is merely intended to send a satellite into space.

Rumors were confirmed recently of cannibalism in North Korea because of the serious nature of the starvation going on there, James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report told RT.

The people there are very much dependent on food aid provided by US, he believes.

“Any idea that NK can function as some sort of isolated community in the international stage is just absolute pie in the sky thinking.”

The food aid cut is a clear example of the US shooting itself in the foot if it’s trying to change the North Korean society power structure through a move like this. James Corbett is sure that the more the people are relient on Pyongyang for the food aid, the more centralized control authorities have over the country.

“Ultimately the only effect this will have is that it will make the people of North Korea even more dependent on Pyongyang and the central power it holds over the food supply,” he explained.


2012 / 03 / 31
Mark of the wild west... says:

North Korean can grow it's own food if it gives back the farms to the farmers... So what we have here is an ignorance problem. As an American Taxpayer I will not ever consent to fund communism in any form. People need to take care of themselves and break the ant colony like mind set...

2012 / 03 / 31
RioSam says:

If NK doesn't care enough about it's own people to provide the necessary farming to feed the people, why is that our problem?
I don't have anything against HUMANITARIAN foreign aid but this is going to support a communist country and to feed it's armies not the people.

2012 / 04 / 07
A Curiae says:

this same Nk have a tantrum/threat , and then USA offers food aid to stop whatever they were planning has been ongoing for as long as i remember..nothing new here.
and as long as USA govt keeps handing funds and food over it will keep happening.
US gives so that NK doesnt find "new friends" like China to help them more..
rock and a hard place?

2012 / 04 / 07
Joel Beemer says:

Why does Washington continue this mindset of miitary brinksmanship as our foreign policy? President Eisenhower warned us of the Military-Industrial Complex, remember? If this constant provocation continues to be America's foreign policy, let's take a look at the State Department and the mindsets that may have been developed among its career employees. Unfortunately, we witness other incidents in which our federal government has over-reached before. We must stop the new U.S Navy base at Jeju Island, Korea.

2012 / 04 / 09
brennen. says:

wow some of the comments hear are so wrong. first of all to feed people who are hungry from a leader such as him is just fine with me. my god were has the humanity gone? if NK cant feed there people its lies anyways, they can but wont, so who should step in? didn't the lord god say you fed me when i was hungry, clothed me when i was naked? and gave me drink when i thirst?. the end is near for sure, and im only 13 years old and can clearly see the ways of our world have indeed gone to waist,

2012 / 04 / 09
brennen. says:

what is wrong with the USA? this is so wrong to hurt the inosent people over there foolish governments rules and ways. to make them starve omg what the heck? we should go after the communist and take him out, not the people. what is this? a way to control NK to use the people of NK as a weapon to stop a launch? do not use the people go after the leaders who make the people suffer.

2012 / 04 / 09
brennen. says:

noone is inosent of sin but the usa is doomed for there way of thinking. why wont the great USA just take out those leaders who do these bad things instead?

2012 / 04 / 09
brennen. says:

what a mixed up world, my dad was right im going to grow up in a crazy world full ignorent people who do ignorent things, looks like i have no future at all if this type of nonsence keeps up.

2012 / 04 / 09
brennen. says:

is it barry soritoro (obama) alone doing these things? it seems like he is allowed to do anything he wants without the vote of the american people.

2013 / 06 / 02
JIm II-Sung says:

All the food that comes from the US is probably is given to the military before the people. Even if they did give it to the poeple they probably didn't no it came from the US. Kim II-Sung will take all the credit as they have no acces to the outside world.

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