2,500 Marines in Australia New Battlefront for US?

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James Corbett
April 4, 2012


2,500 Marines in Australia New Battlefront for US?
by grtv

The first US marines have arrived in Australia, as America boosts its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

More than 2,000 personnel will be deployed here over the next few years and adds to America's military footprint in such countries as the Philippines and Singapore - all in China's backyard.

For more on the story RT talks to James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report, an independent news website based in Japan.

WWIII Scenario


2012 / 04 / 04
Dennis says:

James Corbett got it right when he said "a lot of governments will shake hands with the devil" when he answered the question of whether the Asian area governments understand what they are getting themselves into.
What we need to remember in 2012 is what happened in 1912.
The Titanic was said to be unsinkable.
All those who walk in pride will be brought down.

2012 / 04 / 05
Ambricourt says:

The next stage will see the formation of a NATO-like alliance in the Pacific region threatening both China and Russia. By agreeing to American military expansion, Australia diminishes its sovereignty and puts itself on the front-line of any conflict while its economy profits immensely from trade with China. Hypocrisy?

Is this what Australians want? The majority weren't asked and didn't vote to increase the American power-base. And the Prime Minister who made the deal is non-elected. Hypocrisy?

2012 / 04 / 15
Lithium says:

This Prime Minister will do anything to hold power

2015 / 07 / 12
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