Free Syrian Army Foot-Soldiers of Western Military Alliance

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Michel Chossudovsky
April 2, 2012


Free Syrian Army Foot-Soldiers of Western Military Alliance
by grtv

The international envoy to Syria tells the UN Security Council there's no progress in implementing a ceasefire - while the 'Friends of Syria' group is criticised for undermining the UN-backed peace efforts. to To discuss the different approaches for settling the year-long conflict in Syria, RT joined live by Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Centre for Research on Globalization

Chossudovsky told RT news of foreign funds for Syrian rebels is a “red herring.” He argues the Free Syrian Army has been financed by NATO “from the outset.”

“The Free Syrian Army are the foot soldiers of the western military alliance, and they are advised by their foreign military handlers. We know that. We know there are Special Forces on the ground, that French military officers were arrested in late February. The thing was hushed up.And the forbidden truth is that the Western military alliance has been waging a covert war using the Free Syrian Army for more than a year now, and this free Syrian Army doesn’t represent anybody in Syria. There’s mounting evidence of atrocities."

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2012 / 04 / 04
Mike Corbeil says:

Very fine interview and I can only agree with professor Chossudovsky.
It's evidently true while also incredible that the so-called rebel forces are targeting and killing many civilians. It takes people who are sort of like psychopaths, as well as inaction to stop these horrific and terrifying crimes.

2012 / 04 / 05
Greg Cape says:

Thank you for providing adequate coverage of events in Syria. So much of America's dominant paradigm is predicated on lies. It is important that the general populous, world-wide, understand that the west lies. In addition, thank you for uncovering the CIA's war of deception, which has been revealed in many of your articles.

2012 / 04 / 06
jack says:

I like the fact that some of the same propaganda techniques like the burning of car tires to give the impression of regions under heavy bombardment by Syrian forces were first used by Croatian forces in Dubrovnik in 1991 are being recycled in the Syria conflict.

I would not be surprised if US psych-ops teams were the first people on the ground in Syria coordinating with the Syrian opposition forces and the media the typical western and Arab narrative.

At least this time they have not used the magic 100,000 dead number that is usually stated in all these Humanitarian intervention conflicts.

I’m wondering if the Free Syrian Army has a western PR firm representing them like Rudder and Finn.

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