"I Have a Dream... To Go To War?!"

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
April 5, 2012


"I Have a Dream... To Go To War?!"
by grtv

"The great initiative in this war is ours. The initiative to end it must be ours."
--Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking of Vietnam.

This week the Pentagon sank to a new low: claiming that Dr. King would "understand" the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. King's legacy is clear: he opposed war and other violence and condemned war as "an enemy of the poor."

Help us stop the Pentagon's lies and attempts to justify the brutal, futile war in Afghanistan. Spread the truth by sharing this video with your family and friends.

Join the fight to end the war: http://facebook.com/RethinkAfghanistan

WWIII Scenario


2012 / 04 / 11
Mike Corbeil says:

Rethink Afghanistan, YouTube channel bravenewfoundation, uploaded the video on Jan. 5, 2011, rather than this year; BUT, that the Pentagon would ever pretend, to us, that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr would be supportive of the wars of today, wars that have no arguably justifiable reasons for happening or being committed. Now, tell me, who is it who's supposed to have the last laugh?

January 2003, "President" GW Bush received a group of journalists at the White House, where he spoke of war on Iraq, a totally and unquestionably unjustifiable war. One journalist asked, "But what about the Constitution?", meaning the Constitution of the USA. Bush, as he often did, took a little time to respond, a few seconds or more, some time to "gather his thoughts", since they're considerably "loose", usually anyway; but, he finally responded by saying, "Oh, it's just a piece of paper".

"Just a piece of paper" is what the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are treated as or like, and that's by every so-called President (puppet, worse in some cases) the USA has had for many decades, since President John F. Kennedy anyway, and he was the first after many prior decades; and there were few before. BUT, it's also how the Canadian government treats all laws that apply to it and that it has an obligation to upload. It's how international laws, treaties and conventions western governments are co-signatory to are treated.

Btw, there's a longer, 8-minute, video clip at YouTube for the full or fuller speech that Rev. MLK Jr gave.

2012 / 04 / 11
Mike Corbeil says:

There's also a longer, roughly 8-minute, video clip of Rev. MLK Jr's speech at YouTube, btw.

2012 / 04 / 12
grtv says:

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2016 / 01 / 13
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