Police Brutality Fuels Fire of Student Anger in Canada

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Bernard Desgagné
April 27, 2012


Police Brutality Fuels Fire of Student Anger in Canada
by grtv

160 protests within just two months - and Canada's student uprising continues unabated. And, with new clashes on Thursday night, the standoff over tuition fee hikes is turning increasingly violent.

Centering on the country's second largest city of Montreal, clashes resumed after talks collapsed between student leaders and authorities. Riot officers charged, maced and detained dozens of protesters, while the police chief publicly complained that his forces were worn out.

The students are incensed over a tuition fees rise which the government says is necessary. But journalist Bernard Desgagné says heavy-handed policing will only provoke the students further.

Riot police have so far arrested 85 people after a government exclusion of a student group from talks triggered activist ire.

Students have flooded Montreal’s streets over the past few days, up in arms over tuition fee hikes that would see costs rise by 75 percent over the next five years.

Thursday’s riots were declared illegal after demonstrators reportedly pelted police officers with projectiles and threw garbage into the streets.

Demonstrations on Wednesday quickly descended into violence with reports of student activists smashing windows and vandalizing property. Police used tear gas to bring them under control, with three officers injured in the fighting.

A police crackdown on student demonstrations on Saturday 21 also led to the arrest of at least 50 people.

The Quebec government has dismissed a student syndicate from the negotiating table following the violent riots. Education Minister Line Beauchamp blocked a proposal to resume talks with student syndicate CLASSE on Thursday, accusing the group of promoting violence.

"We can’t ask the government to negotiate with those who use violence as a form of blackmail," Beauchamp said. Talks are due to resume with two other groups representing university and college students on Friday.

The city’s mayor Gerald Tremblay has appealed for student activists and the local government to make peace before the situation escalates further. He cited reports of demonstrators tossing bricks into the city's subway and dropping rocks off a downtown overpass.

"Montrealers … are fed up. They don't want to go through this. This stuff always happens in Montreal. It's the same thing for the businesses affected… It's the same thing for Montreal's reputation on the world stage," he said about Wednesday night’s riots.

Student protest groups have accused the government of using a “divide and conquer strategy”, sabotaging talks. They say that a settlement was never on the cards, claiming authorities seek to divert attention from the disputed tuition fee increase with the pretext of social unrest.

Journalist Bernard Desgagné told RT that the incidents were “relatively minor,” but police were using them as an excuse “to conduct massive repression.”

“This has profound ramifications, people are very unhappy about the way their political elite are behaving and they feel that the government is not serving the people at all, it’s only serving big financial interests,” he said.

Desgagne added that people were “infuriated” by police brutality towards peaceful protesters, stressing that it would only “fuel public miscontent” and support for the student movement.


2012 / 04 / 29
Mike Corbeil says:

I think Bernard Desgagné is definitely right. I attended the large demonstration on March 22nd in Montreal and was not one bit of violence from any of these hundreds of thousands of people as far as I'm aware.

2012 / 04 / 29
Mike Corbeil says:

Déjà vu, too: G-20 summit in Toronto, June 2010, police, ie, police state, actions there. Remember that?

2012 / 05 / 14
wayne johnson says:

all the students of australia are with you in your fight with this
undemocratic government run by mr harper conservitive govts as a rule hate students as they tell the truth and its the students all around the world that eventually change it i hope sincerly that the government comes to its senses before someone gets killed by the police

2013 / 02 / 14
jack says:

Have been in Canada for 15 years and know how those cowards consider them self as low re-enforcement are cover they unlawful actions against civilians.

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