Kuala Lumpur War Tribunal Finds Bush Guilty of War Crimes‎

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May 14, 2012


Kuala Lumpur War Tribunal Finds Bush Guilty of War Crimes‎
by grtv

Friday, the panel of Judges in the Kuala Lumpur war crimes tribunal passed a unanimous guilty verdict against George Bush and 7 of his administration colleagues. The former US president, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and legal advisors whilst in office, were found to have engaged in a web of conspiracy to allow crimes of torture and war crimes to take place at Guantemo Bay, Bagram and Abu Ghraib.

The tribunal has ordered reparation be paid to survivors who testified; for the irreparable harm and injury, pain and suffering they endured at the hands of US soldiers and their proxies. Former detainee, Moazzem Begg says the judgment will have a mixed reception by those still being held.

The Tribunals decision, along with a record of proceedings will be sent to the International Criminal Court, the UN and the Security Council.

Organizations in other countries will be sought to continue legal work, against leaders who have ignored international treaties, in the name of the 'war on terror.' This may include the current US administration.

The former head of the CIA's Clandestine Service, Jose Rodriguez recently stated in an interview, that President Obama's war against radical Islam is far more brutal than under his predecessor. With this administration, not even bothering to arrest people, but using deadly drone attacks instead.


2012 / 05 / 17
László Kántor says:

The guilty verdict against Bush and his gang is encouraging, but there are other war criminals, ranking as heads of states, such as Tony Blair and John Howard of Australia. What are the chanses of prosecuting these criminals as well?

2012 / 06 / 05
Per Lennart Aae says:

Thankyou very much for this extremely important legal action!
I translated the War Crime Tribunal Report into German, including the Introduction written by Global Research, and will have it published here in Germany.
Per Lennart Aae

2012 / 06 / 05
grtv says:

Dear Per Lennart Aae,

Thank you for your comment and for your work on the translation. If possible, please feel free to send it to Global Research for posting on our German site.

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