Maple Spring Bad News for Illegitimate Harper Government

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Joshua Blakeney
May 31, 2012


Maple Spring Bad News for Illegitimate Harper Government
by grtv

Growing protests across Canada against tuition hikes have now spilled over from Montreal to Toronto as talks between student leaders and officials continue in Quebec aimed at ending the 16-week dispute.

Protesters on Wednesday gathered in downtown of Toronto in solidarity with their counterparts in Quebec, protesting the high cost of tuition.

There were also marches in several other Ontario cities including London and Kingston.

Meanwhile, negotiations between students and the provincial government will resume Thursday after students left a third night of talks saying the government wanted time to study their latest proposal.

On Tuesday, police in Quebec arrested at least 84 protesters outside the venue of the meeting between the two sides.

Students have been protesting across Canada's eastern province of Quebec since February in a bid to add up pressure on the province’s government to drop a plan to increase tuition fees.

Nearly 170,000 students are refusing to attend classes in protest at the plan.

Earlier, the government passed an anti-protest law aimed at limiting the right to protest, prompting angry demonstrations across the province.

The protest-related law, the Bill 78, outlines strict regulations for demonstrations and conditions of heavy fines for students and their federations. Under the new law, for any demonstration of 50 or more people, police should be informed eight hours in advance and told of the route of the demonstration.

Joshua Blakeney analyzes the widening student protests in Canada, linking the election fraud of the 2011 Canadian election to the popularity of the Maple Spring.


2012 / 06 / 01
DGSE says:

While I like his worlds and love the actions of the TRUE freedomfighters (Quebec students), I have serious doubt anything will happen in this fascist country. This land has been owned "lock, stock and barrel" by the Banks and Large corporations, ever notice there is NO "white collar crime" in this country, why is that! The last time anybody did anything in this country was 65 years ago. And the Hapless Fascists are destroynig that evryday disma dismantling that

2012 / 06 / 01
DGSE says:

I'll try the last part again....
The Hapless fascists are destroying that every day. ie: Health Care and Pensions. I never did believe that we live in a socalled 'democracy', nice to see the Ruling Elite (Elections Canada) prove it. Electoral fraud, NO KIDDING. How else would a bunch of anti human Albertan Reformers get elected. It has been that way for a while.
It also has been nice to see the BS Disney fascade be torn away, that Canukistan is some kind of "PeaceKeeper." Canadian Corps made hundreds of millions in the Vietnam War, and Korea. we helped destroy Yugoslavia, Iraq (thank you Quebec students AGAIN for keeping us out of the firing line). The idiot CBC is frothing at the mouth over Syria, while ignoring the slaughter that is Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, Yeman. Now we are up to our armpit in blood in Libya, and still that is not enough for these sociopathis conservative reformers. Big Oil, Death and Destruction is their creed.
My heart aches.

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