Police State Montreal: Brutal Treatment of Protesters

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May 9, 2012


Police State Montreal: Brutal Treatment of Protesters
by grtv

Compilation of footage of protests in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the ever-increasing use of brutal and often illegal police tactics to break up the crowds. This is what democracy looks like?

« Vos mensonges, nous les dynamitons
Nous refusons ce passé où déjà vous nous empaillez
Comme des trophées malheureux
Vous nous voulez civilisés nous vous savons barbares ­»
L'Afficheur hurle, Paul Chamberland, 1964

Vidéo monté à base d'images disponibles publiquement, exclusivement du printemps 2012 et principalement à Montréal.

Made with publicly available footage from spring 2012, mostly in Montreal.


2012 / 05 / 09

The brave students of Quebec will transform the public's understanding of the elitism of our universities and the venal taxation of students across much of the west by forcing them to pay for costs and overhead that is irrelevant to undergrads.

The brutalization of dissent by Quebec's Charest govt is a mirror of the elites cop force across Canada and the USA.

2014 / 10 / 24
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