US Veterans Toss Medals Back at NATO

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May 30, 2012


US Veterans Toss Medals Back at NATO
by grtv

What was truly remarkable was the American servicewomen and men tossing their medals back at Nato showing a type of courage that the Nato leaders should have been forced to watch.

"I am returning my medal today because I want to live by my conscience, rather than be a prisoner of it."


WWIII Scenario


2012 / 06 / 13
Barbara says:

These soldiers are for real protectors of freedom! These soldiers know that their government, the USA, abused the commitment they held to high ideals of freedom for all. Thanks for the clip. Peace to all. It's time for the USA to honor all it's veterans while they are alive and provide for their needs.

2015 / 08 / 27
ajyal says:

something goofy translated from Japanese. اجيال نيوز

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