Gaddafi vs Africom and the Recolonisation of Africa

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Dan Glazebrook
June 6, 2012


Gaddafi vs Africom and the Recolonisation of Africa
by grtv

Dan Glazebrook argues that the conquest of Libya has allowed the NATO powers to push ahead with the military reconquest of Africa and the attempted co-option of the African union.

WWIII Scenario


2012 / 06 / 06
paul says:

I think this is an excellent analysis, in that it offers the insight that the West has turned from financial control to war, because of the rise of China as an economic rival.

But I very very very seriously doubt the legitimacy of the number of war dead that has been bandied about. Oh no, it's not that I think that number is too high. I think that sheer commonsense tells you that the actual number almost HAS to have been at least 100,000. In my opinion, to believe that it was anything less than that, one has to believe in Nato propaganda about 'surgical' strikes. I think that's a screaming fantasy.

But the giveaway, I think, is that the US proxy forces themselves acknowledged 30,000 killed in the war. I actually think we'd be pretty safe if we multiplied that number by a factor of ten, certainly by several times. Isn't the US continuing to claim that less than 100,000 died as a result of the US attack on Iraq, but we know that the true number was probably over a million, and of course that's not including those who were killed in the first attack on Iraq, and by the 'sanctions' since then.

2012 / 06 / 07
USAma Bin Laden says:

The West (aka America and its crime partners like Britain, Europe, Australia, Canada) have a deeply pathological need to dominate and control the world.

It is part of their warped culture and "civilization."

Deep down, Anglo-Americans in particular think that they have a God-given right to rule the world. Any nation that opposes their meglomanical ambition is demonized by them as a threat.

And it's not politically correct to say this, but this worldview is embraced not only by the American regime but also the American people themselves.

That is what ultimately drives all of America's wars.

2012 / 09 / 11
Dr. Bischara Ali EGAL says:

NATO is a ZIONIST, FASCIST entity that has always played the role eNSLAVMENT, OCCUPATION AND WANTON DEATH & DESTRUCTION ACROss the Globe in the name of North Atlantic Treaty Organization( Anglo-Saxon slaveholders andsellers and their running Dogs as the Old chinese used to say.

Down with Nato

2015 / 04 / 07
Jennifer Ryan says:

The chapter of Gaddafi has been closed and it resulted into violence in Libya. We have some best examples from Iraq, Libya and Egypt where rulers were forcefully removed and all three countries are still burning. I need content from to complete my thesis about Internal Situation of Libya after Gaddafi. Thanks

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