The Destabilization of Pakistan

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Eric Draitser
Nile Bowie
July 3, 2012


The Destabilization of Pakistan
by grtv

As relations between Islamabad and Washington reach an all-time low, the ongoing debate of reopening US/NATO supply routes that traverse through Pakistani territory remains in question. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently acknowledged the fact that America is waging war in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region, stating that Washington is "losing patience" with Islamabad, and that Pakistan should do more to combat terrorist entities such as the Haqqani Network.

As civilians are indiscriminately killed under heavy drone assaults from the United States, a separatist movement in Balochistan, a province encompassing western Pakistan, eastern Iran, areas of southern Afghanistan, directly threatens China's commercial shipping activities in the Indian Ocean.

As President Asif Zardari calls for Islamabad's full membership into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Pakistan's response to its issues of internal insurgency and separatism may shape its foreign policy for years to come.

Eric Draitser of provides analysis on a wide variety of issues facing the nation of Pakistan. Interview by Nile Bowie - independent writer and photojournalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Regular Contributor to Global Research.


2012 / 07 / 04
Shamir Kalgor says:

So sad about lack of knowledge both of you, about Balochistan and calling Baloch Resistance forces as terrorists. Balochistan has thousands of year of history while pakistan was created by British 65 years ago and given to a ethnic Punjabi army who can obey and lick your boots for pennies. Balochistan was occupied by this ethnic punjabi army of pakistan 1948 by the wishes of British and probably US because of Liberal nature of Baloch as they might tilt toward USSR at that time. People of Balochistan took arm from day one ie 1948 and continue as i am writing this comment, to us Baloch the biggest terrroist in the region is Pakistan's ethnic Punjabi army and their homeboys ISI and MI, Baloch people are in war with this Nuclear Mafia army since they occupied Balochistan and willing to form alliance with any country who help them in the this struggle of freedom from corrupt, black mailer extremist and Juhadist army of Pakistan. You guys probably forgot who were keeping World's most wanted terrorist in their backyard and still hiding others, you name your website global research tv but lack of research, you edited aljazera's report about Balochistan and shows Baloch freedom fighter as terrorist what a shame, you know who is terrorist the Pakistani america guy shezad who was son of pakistani army man, caught while executing to blow Time Square NYC, about judallah's leader Rigi of-course he got brain washed in pakistani sunni madras in karachi and later train by ISI and become a barging chip to Iranian Mullas by who ever, Please don't drag our freedom struggle into your propaganda war, Balochistan was never part of pakistan or India and never will be. Our people facing world's modern day genocide by this army on daily basis, I like you young guys taking part in global research but taking sides is not a research.

2012 / 07 / 04
David Underwood says:

Well said. You can see not only the destabilization of Pakistan, but the destablizayion of other countries in the process and how China and Russia will come into play involving World War III. The drone attacks will continue not only there but through the region...and against itself: the people of the United Stares.

2012 / 07 / 05
mlnw says:

Shamir- you may be right about the artificiality of the borders, according to the ethnic history of the region, but they are the recognized borders under international law. The better way may be to seek economic development and some measure of political autonomy as a result of the building of the IPI and/or TAPI pipeline and other infrastructure projects in Balochistan.
However, don't count on the U.S., or Turkey, or Israel, or NATO to help the people of Balochistan other than to use them to obtain geopolitical and economic advantage for their own ends. They would just as soon see a dictatorship favorable to their interests ruling Balochistan, the more repressive and tightly controlled the better- ask the Afghans, or Iraqis or Syrians.

2012 / 07 / 05
David and Anne says:

This was one of the worst GRTV videos that we've ever seen. Production sucked. With low quality video. Very unprofessional. I respect what GRTV is trying to do. But don't kill it like has slowly turned into a giant blog filled with pseudo-experts.We remember first visiting the site due to the unique set of eyes Nazemroaya had about the MidEast. It had outstanding news coverage and variety back then. Now it is just reposting sloppy items by uninformed activists and the same thing over and over again. It is a real shame.

Please don't let GRTV go down the same path. Keep it professional and smart.

2015 / 03 / 28
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