London 7/7: The Key Evidence

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Tom Secker
July 6, 2012


London 7/7: The Key Evidence
by grtv

The official version of 7/7, the 2006 Home Office narrative, cites 7 pieces of 'key evidence' supposedly proving that the bombings were co-ordinated suicide attacks. This short film shows how in each case the actual evidence available to us today not only fails to support the official version's 7 point list but often contradicts it.


VO: The official story of the 7/7 bombings was published in May 2006, in the form of a Home Office narrative of events. It was written by an anonymous civil servant who made numerous assumptions and provided virtually no evidence, sources or references.

It did include a 7-point list claiming to be ‘key evidence’ that these were coordinated suicide bombings. In each case there are reasons to doubt this evidence.

1) DNA has identified the four at the four separate bombsites. The impact on their bodies suggests that they were close to the bombs. None of the four alleged bombers were pronounced dead at the bomb sites. The descriptions of the bodies recovered at the scenes contradict the descriptions of the forensic anthropologist who examined the bodies and determined that the men were close to the explosions.

2) 3 of the men (Khan, Tanweer and Hussain) have so far been forensically linked to the suspected bomb factory at 18 Alexandra Grove. The men were linked to various trivial items in the alleged bomb factory. They were not linked to the plastic tubs of sludge that supposedly made up the main explosive. The tubs mostly contained a mixture that did not have explosive properties.

3) The car in which 3 of the men traveled from Leeds to Luton contained explosive devices and other material consistent with bomb-making. None of the men were forensically linked to these other explosive devices in the car, and the items consistent with bomb making are consistent with many other activities. The idea that they assembled their bombs in the boot of the car in Luton Station Car Park, in front of CCTV cameras and members of the public, is ridiculous.

4) The 4 were identified together by CCTV at various points before the bombings, carrying large and heavy rucksacks, consistent with bombs of the size and nature used in the attack.The CCTV was not released until three years after the bombings, and only shows the four traveling from Leeds to Luton and then to London. It does not show them boarding the tube trains, or traveling on them. It does not show Hasib Hussain boarding or traveling on the number 30 bus. In most cases the official excuse for this is that the CCTV was not working.

5) Witness accounts suggest 2 of the men were fiddling in their rucksacks shortly before the explosions. One of these witnesses, Richard Jones, saw a man on the wrong deck of the bus, and has given a variety of descriptions as to what the man was wearing. At the 7/7 Inquests he said that he had never claimed to have actually seen the bomber. The other witness, Danny Biddle, was very badly injured in the explosion, and was in a coma for weeks. His description of an Asian man fiddling with a small rucksack on his lap does not fit with point 4, the CCTV showing the men carrying large rucksacks. The ‘key evidence’ contradicts itself.

6) There is no evidence at the bomb sites of remote detonation, nor of any material at the bomb factory which would suggest that they intended to construct remote detonators. The fact that Hussain seems to have bought a battery that morning may provide further indication that they were using self-detonating devices. There is no evidence at the bomb sites of manual detonation, or of the type of explosive used, or of the precise locations of the explosions within the carriages. Hussain may have bought a battery, but he may not have battery. In any case, this proves nothing.

7) There is a video statement by Khan, shown on the al Jazeera television network on 1 September, and, separately, a last Will and Testament indicating his intention to martyr himself through a terrorist attack. The video statement by Khan makes no mention of martyrdom, or suicide bombing, or of carrying out terrorist attacks. It is not known when it was made, or where, or why.

Sidique Khan: I’m sure by now the media has painted a suitable picture of me.

VO: The single page of Khan’s will that has been made available does use the word ‘shaheed’, which can refer to martyrdom, though it has other meanings. The word is used in a paragraph Khan wrote to his daughter saying how he was the first to give her pocket money and feed her ice cream. This is not the confession of a would-be suicide bomber. The narrative did not mention a different video that Khan made where he said goodbye to his baby daughter. Even relatives of the 7/7 victims have expressed how difficult it is to reconcile this video with the idea that Khan was a fanatical suicide terrorist.

Julie Nicholson: I could not measure up this person who seemed to be loving and compassionate. This person on the video looked ordinary, normal, trustworthy… decent. All that filled me with a fear…

Sean Cassidy: I’ve spoken with Mr Blair and the first words I said to him: you are the cause of all of this. If you hadn’t to go to war in Iraq there would have been no bomb.

Interviewer: You blame him for the death of your son?

Cassidy: Yes I do blame him for the death of my son, yeah. I blame him. I blame him. That’s right.

Tony Blair: I, so I totally understand, particularly in the tragic circumstances of people still grieving and mourning and angry about the victims of this why they might want a public inquiry but my worry, and why I do not think it would be responsible to do it, is that you end up diverting this vast amount of energy and resource into something that is I’m afraid in the end going to tell you what we already know – which is that these four individuals went and committed this act.

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2012 / 07 / 19
Mike Corbeil says:

Very good video. Short, and I would definitely like more, but this is a very good video. And Tony Blair is very despicable, and criminal. But we're evidently powerless. It's good to see that some people haven't forgotten about 7/7, 2005.

2012 / 07 / 19
Mike Corbeil says:

Use Google to search using Horizon for search term. Use the Google Advanced search page to be able to specify to search only . uk, or a command like the following one in the Google search box for specifying what to search for.


I tried searching using the Search feature directly at the website and this didn't work at all for me. There seems to be an error and I wind up at a totally different website. But I normally always use Google in the above way to search specific websites, anyway.

It's the best website I know for analyses about the 7/7 bombings and debunking many of the claims of the govt and police. There's also a lot of content from Tom Secker there. Do a Google like the above one, only use his name, instead of Horizon, for search term and you'll get links to many pages. And go to the author's index page here at GR and you'll find plenty of good material by him at GR. His index, here, doesn't seem to have a link for the above video, so I guess Googling tv.globalresearch. ca using his name for search term may turn up additional links.

And the 77Archive channel at YouTube presently has 94 videos, many, if not all, about the 7/7 2005 bombings. The above video Tom Secker uploaded here, GRTV, is from the 77Archive channel.

2012 / 07 / 19
Mike Corbeil says:

Correction: The Author's index here for Tom Secker does contain a link for the above video.

2015 / 07 / 18
csnk says:

Correction: The Author's index here for Tom Secker does contain a link for the above manufacturer

2015 / 08 / 12
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