US-Led Hostile States Already Engaged in War with Syria

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Michel Chossudovsky
July 11, 2012


US-Led Hostile States Already Engaged in War with Syria
by grtv

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky says the issue of opposition in Syria can be resolved in a peaceful fashion and the “Syrian government has to stand firm in relation to the attacks on its sovereignty”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the West for its interventionism and the adoption of "missile-bomb democracy" in solving international disputes.

Speaking in Moscow on Monday to Russian ambassadors serving across the world, Putin lashed out at the West for taking unilateral steps to resolve international conflicts instead of going through the United Nations.

Putin described such unilateral measures as being against international law, and said that they amounted to interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries.

The Russian chief executive urged the country’s ambassadors to be on guard against a backlash from Moscow's former Cold War enemies.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky to further discuss the issue.

The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, thank you so much for being with us. What do you think exactly president Putin is referring to when he is urging Russian diplomats to be prepared for the most unfavorable situations?

Chossudovsky: Well both Russia and China have been the object of undue pressure by the United States and particularly Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, because Russia and China are exercising their rights under the United Nations Security Council namely to veto a resolution which might involve the establishment of a no-fly zone against Syria which essentially means a war against Syria.

I think we should understand that that war has already started. The rebels are the foot soldiers of the NATO military alliance. They are being armed explicitly under the instructions of the United States and its allies.

NATO Special Forces particularly from Britain, France and Qatar are also on the ground training the rebels. They are sending weapons to the rebels and when the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius invokes the article seventh of the United Nations concerning an arms embargo, he should understand that all those violating the article seven are precisely the members of the United Nations Security Council namely the United States, Britain and France.

Press TV: Well let’s talk about other members of the Security Council which are Russia and China. Do you think they will back away from this at all? Will they give in to the pressure from the US?

Chossudovsky: I sincerely believe that they will not give in to this blackmail. We are in a situation which is very critical because if war were waged against Syria that whole region explodes from the eastern Mediterranean right through the central Asia and that everybody knows that, and everybody knows that the rebels are not representatives of the Syrian society. They are not opposition forces. They are trained militia and mercenaries. Many of them are not even citizens of Syria.

What we have in essence is missile diplomacy or cowboy diplomacy which is led by Hillary Clinton. Which involves the very aggressive diplomacy directed against Syria, a sovereign nation.

Press TV: Well, if you were advising the Syrian president at this point of time, what do you think that Syria should be doing?

Chossudovsky: Syria should be holding firm. President Assad has stated that the rebels are committing atrocities and that the NATO forces including France, Britain, the United States but also Qatar and Saudi Arabia are behind these rebel forces. They are arming them, they are financing them.

This is not strictly a statement of the Syrian government. Many media have confirmed that these rebels are terrorists and they are committing atrocities. The Syrian government has to stand firm in relation to these attacks on its sovereignty.

The issue of opposition within the Syrian society can be resolved in a peaceful fashion but what we have now is an act of aggression. It is threats on the sovereignty of Syria and it is totally at odds with the international law. Now if we were to apply the same standards of the United States of America, and say that we do not like Obama’s government lets invade them, those are analogies which we might make.

It is not the United States and its allies’ absolutely no right to pass any judgment on the internal structure and the politics of a sovereign country. That is for the people of Syria to decide.

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