IAEA and Nuclear Monopolists a "Gang of Thugs"

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James Corbett
August 27, 2012


IAEA and Nuclear Monopolists a "Gang of Thugs"
by grtv

Iran and the UN's nuclear watchdog are set to resume talks later on Friday - more than two months after the previous round failed. Tehran insists it only wants peaceful energy, but the West remains suspicious of its nuclear ambitions.

Hopes aren't high for these negotiations either - while Iranian citizens continue to be hit hardest by US and European sanctions.

For more on this RT talks to James Corbett - journalist and editor of The Corbett Report - an online multi-media news and information source.

He believes that the UN nuclear watchdog has been exposed during this dispute “as little more than a gang of thugs rather than a bureaucratic agency that’s trying to neutrally arbitrate this dispute.”

Corbett insists that IAEA’s actions demonstrate that currently existing nuclear powers are really trying to enforce a monopoly on nuclear power and dictate what countries can or cannot have access to it.

“They are attempting to hold the Iranian government which is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to higher standards than other members of the IAEA who are currently using nuclear power.”

Corbett says Tehran is cooperative with the UN nuclear watchdog but there are many underhanded tactics being used to undermine its credibility.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable fro the Iranian government simply to ask for details what it is that the IAEA is going to be looking for when they give them access to these sites,” he says.

“So it’s being spun as some kind of rejection on Iran’s part, but it’s actually not.”


2012 / 08 / 29
Mike Corbeil says:

Very good interview and report.

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