We are the Media Revolution: The Battle for Truth and Empowerment

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Mickey Huff
August 7, 2012


We are the Media Revolution: The Battle for Truth and Empowerment
by grtv

This interview was conducted with Mickey Huff, the Director of Project Censored and the Media Freedom Foundation, professor of social science and history at Diablo Valley College, and co-host of the weekly Project Censored Show with Dr. Peter Phillips on Pacifica Radio KPFA out of Berkeley, CA., among other honorable accolades.

Professor Huff is well-known for his experience and knowledge in the field of fair and balanced truth-telling, media freedom, the history of media and propoganda, his distaste of partisan labels, and his commitment to empowering the youth to discover the undisguised truth. We thus catered our questions towards his expertise and to try to elicit vital information we feel the American public and the youth especially need to hear.


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