Fukushima: It Could Have Been Worse

Arnie Gundersen
September 19, 2012



Fukushima: It Could Have Been Worse
by grtv

Fairewinds analysis of the triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi determined that other Japanese reactor sites were also in jeopardy because their cooling water systems were destroyed by the same tsunami.

In this film, Fairewinds provides evidence that cooling systems for 24 out of 37 diesel generators were shut down by the tsunami and that 14 additional nuclear reactors were impacted.

Finally, Fairewinds also recommends that the criteria of the international nuclear accident scale have a Level 8 added. The addition of a Level 8 would reflect the nuclear accident scenario at a multi-reactor site that significantly changes the risk factors to the general public and emergency evacuation procedures.

For full transcript, visit Fairewinds Energy Education:


2012 / 09 / 20
Todd Millions says:

The note not sounded yet-the china syndrom(droll on nippon sites, I know),seems too have being prevented the same way it appears too have at chernobyl,three mile isle-The non nuke blast,was powerfull enough too disperse the fuel core-just enoungh.This is pure 'good fortune',NOT design and with the radiation levels of the dispersed radio nuclui-not an improvement in the long run.
International effort would be best spent on an immiedite total shut down of all reactors world wide(including israel),and a 10 year drycasketing program as the rod ponds cool.
Pathetic whining by nuk wennies about economic disruption,could be awnsered with a actual conversion program too self heating and chilling houses(see;PAHS by J.Hait-1983!),Better than ashpalt the planet pathetic 2% thermal efficency 'transport'(see;cargo cult,automobile version.)ect.A much more efficent and effective expenditure of time and resouces and effort.One with dare I say-a future.

2015 / 06 / 29
william says:

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