Greece to Sell Islands to Pay Euro Debts

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September 18, 2012


Greece to Sell Islands to Pay Euro Debts
by grtv

After slashing wages and pensions and crippling health and education, the Greek government set up the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, a national privatization agency.

There are 6.000 islands and islets in Greece. The agency has looked into some 40 islands that could be leased to private companies, thus boosting the declining tourism industry.

The organization refused to speak to us or discuss the issue.

However, the project went further into strategic partnership when Greece proposed Israel leases a whole island for the installation of a naval base. Even though the Israeli Defense Ministry says it has rejected the idea, it indicates how Greece is willing to mix into the geography of a potential conflict in the Middle East.

To proceed with allowing state assets to be bought or managed by any third party the government has to first create a specific legal framework.

Greece’s privatization drive has met fierce reactions from opposition parties, trade unions, and economists.

We spoke to Panagiotis Lafazanis, parliamentary expert on denationalization and MP of main opposition party Radical Coalition of the Left-SYRIZA.

We visited Petros Papakonstantinou, middle-eastern politics expert and analyst. He reminded us that such Greco-Israeli investment plans go back many years.

It looks as though Greece’s financial insecurity is opening up strategic opportunities for economic and military interests. It also outlines the emergence of a new financial and political landscape in the region. Greece appears determined to begin privatizing national space, even that means reterritorializing its national borders.


2012 / 09 / 18
Dr Jack Dempsey says:

This is exactly what the criminal banksters want---to reduce Greece to "private property" not belonging to the Greeks themselves---a pure parasite state of affairs that will NOT, repeat NOT, fix any of Greece's problems. Their so-called leaders shepherd their country from one disaster to the next and I hope they all end up strung from a lamp-post.

2012 / 09 / 19
amando dayrit says:

this privatization thing only hastens the withering of any sovereign state.......greece is fast committing suicide as a sovereign state.

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