If There Was a War Prize, Obama Would Top the List

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September 12, 2012


If There Was a War Prize, Obama Would Top the List
by grtv

After the promises of 'change' and 'hope', what have four years of 'change' and 'hope' President Obama given Americans? Waging war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

● 23 million Americans unemployed.

● imprisonment without trial extended.

● Increased use of spying and wire-tapping without warrant

● Leap in the use of extra-judicial assassinations sanctioned by a presidential "kill-list"

● Guantanamo prison still open ● a national debt now topping $16 trillion.

WWIII Scenario


2012 / 09 / 26
Mike Corbeil says:

Well, Americans who vote in November will hopefully make the right choice and I guess that that leaves out both Obama and Romney, for they're evidently not choices to make, at all. I'm worried about what the results will be from the Nov. 2nd elections, and the heart sinks just thinking about it. If US voters maintain their long record of voting, then the result isn't going to be good.

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